Procurement Cards

JP Morgan Chase Visa Card Training

Fredonia The State University of New York started their procurement card program in 1998. At that time the program was known as the American Express Procurement Card program. This program started with approximately 25 cardholders in approximately 18 departments. Today the program is administered through JP Morgan Chase and has 153 cardholders in 117 departments. Training is mandatory for the cardholder and their supervisor and can be requested by contacting the Purchasing Department.

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JP Morgan Chase Guidelines

JP Morgan Cardholder Quick Reference Card

Security & Authorization Forms

A Security Form and a JP Morgan Chase Authorization Form must be completed and sent to the Purchasing Department after your training to start the card issue process. Printable forms are accessible by the following:

Click here for the Network Security Form

Click here for the Authorization Form

Order Form

Many departments have found that their interdepartmental ordering and reconciling process has become more efficient by using the the following form. This form is not for ordering directly from vendors.

Click here for a order form

Reconciliation and Receipt Form

Cardholders must reconcile their transactions monthly. For auditing purposes, the Purchasing Department requires that the following receipt form be filled out, and attached to your monthly reconciliation paperwork for all purchases that have been made with your procurement card. It is important to note the University or business purpose of each transaction.

Click here for the Receipt Form

Click here for directions to reconcile your transactions

Credit Pending/Disputed Item Form

For auditing purposes, the following form has been provided for any credits/disputed items that may have appeared during your JP Morgan Chase Statement cycle.

Click here for the Credit Pending/Disputed Item Form

Expenditure/Reimbursement Guidelines

The following matrix was approved by Cabinet on July 1, 2019 for expenditure reimbursements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Purchasing Department.

Click here for the Expenditure/Reimbursement Guidelines