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Frequently Asked Questions

The Purchasing Department is here to procure goods and services in a timely manner as required by the University to fulfill its mission in education, research, economic, and cultural/social development.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order something?

Please refer to the Purchasing Manual for more information on how to order items. Detailed policies and procedures are provided.

What do I need to put on a requisition?

Attach all supporting documentation. I.E. Invoices, quotes, estimates, as they are part of the procurement record to establish reasonableness of price and/or justification of vendor selection must be added to your FredMart requisition.

What is an acceptable quote and why do I need one?

An acceptable quote is a quote that contains the item[s] requested, it's specifications, the quantity ordered, a price, a delivery date (if possible), and any additional information that may contain the vendor's contact information and if freight is being charged. An acceptable quote is needed so that specification, quantities, and prices can easily be compared from one vendor to another. This will establish justification of vendor and reasonableness of price should your purchase ever be audited. It should be noted that for any items ordered that have a delivery charge that an original freight bill is required should it exceed $99.99 (per Bulletin No. G-169).

For electronics will I need ITS approval?

ITS approval is needed for anything that goes in, on, or attaches to your computer or printer. ITS maintains all computer equipment on the Fredonia campus, along with all licensing and software support.

How do I order an Apple or Dell computer?

Standard HP and Apple computer configurations and quotes are available as pricing and equipment reference guides in Tracker Knowledge Base article #4964 at Once funding has been secured, please submit a request for a computer quote via a Tracker ticket (select 'Quote Requests' ), indicating the quantity needed it the description field. A quote will be prepared and emailed to you to attach to a FredMart purchase requisition. In the event a specialty configuration is needed, please provide specific requirements in the description field or as an attachment to the Tracker ticket.

How do I order a printer?

Standard printer quotes are available in Tracker Knowledge Base article #4964. Please attach the quote to your FredMart purchase requisition, noting the quantity needed. These standard printers have been selected based on acquisition cost and copy yield (cost to maintain). Please NOTE**Academic Departments and Administrative Offices are encouraged to provide centralized printing via network laser or network copier rather than 'printers at the desktop' as a more cost effective printing solution. If interested in transitioning to central printing/copying please refer to the network laser printer quotes available in Tracker Knowledge article #4964. Information regarding copier models can be obtained by submitting a Tracker ticket (select Quote Requests >copier/fax) or by contacting the ITS service center at 716-673-3407.

How do I order software?

Software quotes for use on faculty/staff desktops or in smart classrooms and computer labs can be requested by submitting a Tracker ticket. Select 'Quote Requests' and provide specific requirements and quantity in the description field. A quote will be prepared and mailed to you to attach to a purchase requisition with software master agreement. For information about currently licensed software, please check Tracker Knowledge Base article #6316. Newly purchased or renewed software must have it's terms and conditions reviewed by University Services. Departments are not authorized to sign on behalf of the campus to accept terms and conditions. When entering your FredMart requisition, be sure to use the commodity code 81112200 and attach all supporting information. Requests entered in Tracker must have avPAT attached for review.

What goes to Property Control?

All assets, regardless of funding or means of acquisition, need to be tracked by the Property Control Office. They can be reached at 716-673-3216.