Vendor Scams

Phony Vendors and Exaggerated Claims

Throughout the year and especially at the beginning of each semester, departments begin to receive telephone calls regarding office supply purchases, mainly toner cartridges. These telephone calls may start out innocently enough. The caller sometimes calls one department asking for information regarding another department. After getting a name or two, he/she will then call the department asking for a specific person. Or he/she may call and just ask what kind of printers or copiers you may have and who services them. They usually hang up and call back later stating that they are representing the company you have previously said services your equipment. Sometimes the second caller states that they are representing the company and a third person from the company will be calling for the information they need. By this time, you have the false impression that he/she is truly representing the legitimate company.

We actually had a department order toner cartridges, over the telephone, at a cost four (4) times the normal price. The companies that supply our equipment already know what type of equipment we have and they would not be surveying individual departments for this information.

If you do receive this type of telephone call, tell them you do not give this information over the telephone and suggest they call Purchasing at 716-673-3438. They usually hang up and never call Purchasing. Please alert any new employees or students working for you. They are usually the most vulnerable and innocently give out this type of information.

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