Forms for Vendors

Forms for Vendors

This page provides links to all necessary forms that vendors may need when doing business with the State University of New York.


New York State Substitute W-9 Form


Update Vendor Primary Contact

  •  Update Vendor Contact Form , necessary to change your business's primary contact person with New York State. Note that only this contact person can update vendor information with NY State.  If that person changes in your organization, this needs to be updated.


Update Vendor Default Address

  • Update Vendor Default Address Form , necessary to change your business's default address with New York State. This form must be used by the primary contact noted on the account to update the default address on the vendor record.


Update Vendor Name

  • Update Vendor Name Form, necessary to change the name of your business.  It is important to note the following when updating the name of your business:
    •  New York State Substitute W-9 Form must be submitted with the correct and current informaiton
    • Your new legal name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) must match with IRS records before we can update the name on your NYS vendor record
    • If you have a new TIN you must contact the NYS agency you do business with and obtain a new Vendor ID