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Revised Fredonia StartUp NY Campus Plan - 1/17/17

StartUp NY 2016 SUNY Progress Report

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StartUP NY creates tax free zones on or near approved colleges and universities throughout New York State. The goal is to attract businesses that would not otherwise locate in the state, and it provides incentives to retain and expand jobs. It is intended to benefit all residents through new direct spending, resident taxes, and homeownership demand in communities. StartUP provides major tax incentives for businesses to relocate, start or expand businesses in the state. Approved businesses will be granted ten years of state tax benefits if they operate on or near academic campuses. New employees of sponsored businesses will not pay state income tax while in the program. In addition, businesses may be eligible for addition incentives. Businesses must be approved and sponsored by a campus that has an approved Campus Plan.

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DRAFT Revision Fredonia StartUP Campus Plan - 9/6/16

Approved Fredonia StartUP Campus Plan - 9/9/14

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