Special Services

Special services most commonly used and offered on campus.

Certified Mail

Certified mail is a domestic service that provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery at the addressee’s post office. Only First Class mail can be certified.
Certified mail can be tracked at:


Return Receipt

Return Receipt provides the sender with written evidence of date of delivery and to whom delivery was made. This service is frequently used with Certified Mail. Return Receipt can be used for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and First Class mail with a tracking number.


Registered Mail

Registered mail is the safest way of sending valuable and important mail. It provides evidence of mailing and payment in case of loss or damage. You must declare full value of the article at the time of mailing and pay the appropriate fee based on that value. Insurance is provided for registered mail with a value of $0.01 up to a maximum value of $25,000 and is included in the fee.
Registered mail can be tracked at:


Insured Mail

Insured mail provides reimbursement payment for lost, damaged, or rifling of mail in transit. Insurance is available up to a limit of $5000.