International Mail Classes

International mail will automatically be sent out via First Class international mail rates unless otherwise specified.

Customs Forms are required when you send dutiable letter packages, small packets, printed matter and parcels to international destinations. The specific customs form that is required is determined by the type of mail, the weight of the piece, and the regulations of the destination country. Forms are available from Mail Services.

Information on customs forms, guidelines, etc. for shipping internationally can be found at:


Priority Mail International (accepted in select countries)

Priority Mail International is an accelerated airmail service that is reliable but more economical than Express. There are also flat rate Priority Mail International envelopes and boxes available from Mail Services.

Priority Mail International does not include tracking - it must be sent as registered mail and the appropriate forms filled out.


Priority Mail Express International (accepted in select countries)

Priority Mail Express International is the fastest and most expensive type of international mail. Flat rate envelopes and boxes are also available. It also insures against loss, damage or rifling up to $100 at no additional cost. However, Priority Mail Express International cannot guarantee next day service internationally. An Express Mail form must be attached.

Priority Mail Express International can be tracked at:!input.action