Domestic Mail Classes

First Class

First class mail is usually hand-written or typed correspondence, statements of account, or other matter having the character of personal correspondence. However, any item that is mail-able and can be transported safely by air can be mailed at the First Class rates. First Class rates apply to pieces weighing 13 ounces or less. First Class Mail weighing over 13 ounces is charged postage at Priority Mail rates.


Priority Mail

Priority Mail is First Class Mail weighing more than 13 ounces. You can also send pieces weighing less than 13 ounces as Priority, and they will be charged at the Priority rate minimum. Priority Mail receives expedited handling and transportation. Postage is charged on a per-piece basis according to weight and postal zone. There are Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes available where weight and zone are not taken into account and a flat rate is charged. Tracking numbers are affixed free of charge and insurance is included up to $50. Priority mailers are available in the mail room.

Priority Mail can be tracked at:!input.action


Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express provides next day or second day delivery of letters and packages. It is the most expensive postal rate. It provides insurance against loss, damage or rifling up to $100 at no additional cost. Insurance for higher coverage may be purchased at an additional cost. Flat Rate Priority Mail Express envelopes and boxes are also available at a fixed cost, regardless of weight. Priority Mail Express mailers are available in the mail room.  

Priority Mail Express can be tracked at:!input.action


Standard Mail (Bulk Mail)

Standard mail is printed matter, or other mailable material that weighs 16 ounces or less and is not subject to first class rates. Standard mail includes mechanically duplicated materials, such as, photocopied letters, announcements, newsletters, and catalogs as long as the material is not personalized and, if signed, the signature is duplicated. Standard mail can have a handwritten or typewritten date, sender’s or addressee’s name, or corrections of typographical errors without losing the Standard mail classification. Standard mail must be prepared in a mailing that contains a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of qualifying mail. Each piece in the mailing must be identical in size and weight. Size standards and nonstandard sizes are the same as for first class mail, and a surcharge will be assessed for nonstandard articles.

For any bulk mailings using an outside vendor to prepare and deposit the mailing, please contact Mail Services prior to the mailing going to the Post Office to ensure enough funds are available to cover it (if using a permit account). We will also need to know what department and account number should be billed for the mailing.

Contact Mail Services if you would like us to provide a preparation guide and labeling list for the bulk mailing.