Fredonia Science Center Mission

Science Center drawing

Fredonia Science, Math and Technology Mission

Fredonia continually rethinks its approach to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education so that it can provide its graduates with a skill set relevant to a world economy increasingly driven by technological innovation. The STEM departments are committed to:

  • Providing STEM majors with a sound education including a theoretical background, hands on experience with up to date scientific instrumentation, experience with modern scientific research practices and the ability to communicate scientific information.
  • Creating an environment that enables state of the art faculty research and facilitates the inclusion of students in that research.
  • Providing non-STEM majors with a science background that will allow them to better understand the scientific enterprise and to make better informed decisions concerning public policy issues that relate to science.
  • Equipping science education majors with the tools necessary to become creative and effective teachers of science and mathematics.
  • Create and maintain a facility that provides an environment that facilitates creative and collaborative research and teaching that is a catalyst for change and discovery. In addition, this science center will provide windows into the world of science with performance science spaces and exhibits.