Fredonia Science Complex - Naming Opportunities for Basement & Roof

Naming opportunities are available to recognize private support for learning opportunities that set Fredonia programs apart from others. Donors may contribute over a period of several years to fund naming opportunities and endowment funds. Group pledges are also encouraged. Please contact if you are interested in a naming opportunity.

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Science Center Map

H010) Modern Physics Lab: $30,000

where students learn special relativity, wave motion, basic concepts of quantum mechanics, atomic structure, solid state, and nuclear physics. 

H011) Optics Lab: $30,000
where students get an introduction to geometrical, physical, and modern optics.

010) Seminar Room: $25,000

A “smart” classroom which is suitable for all teaching styles.

012) Classroom: $35,000
A “smart” classroom which is suitable for all teaching styles.

017) Exercise Science Laboratory: $75,000

021) Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Lab: $30,000
This state-of-the-art facility houses an ion source, used to create a fast atomic or molecular beam, along with an infra-red CO2 laser and a microwave excitation region in order to perform precision spectroscopy which investigates fundamental properties of atomic and molecular structures.

025) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Room: $50,000
The 500MHz research nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is used to support synthetic, analytical and biochemical research programs.

R1) Observatory: $100,000

Open to campus and the community, the Observatory shelters our cutting-edge telescope.

R2) Telescope: $30,000
The showcase of the Observatory is our new telescope with state-of-the-art optics and mechanics, automatic tracking and, remote access.

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