Graduate Education Literacy student, Kim Lotocki, works with children at Dunkirk School No. 3.

Early Childhood/Childhood Education Program

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Please add a description of this image. Early Childhood/Childhood Education Program

Dual Certification for
Birth - Grade 6

The College of Education created this major in 2010. This major prepares teacher
candidates to be certified in both Early CHildhood (Birth - Grade 2) and Childhood (Grades 1-6).
Criteria for admission into this major will include:
  • Strong academic skills
  • Enthusiasm for learning and teaching
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Love of children's literature
This rigorous program offers college students direct teaching experiences with children from ages birth to age 12.
Courses for this major include:
"F" refers to a field-based course with a practicum offering direct teaching experiences with children.

Completion of general education program

Completion of an area of concentration (minimum of 30 credits)

Completion of courses required for NYS certification (about 10 credits)

EDU 105/106 Introduction to Contemporary Inclusive Education (F)

EDU 221/222 Introduction to Early Childhood Education Curriculum (F)

EDU 225 Child Development

EDU 250/251 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner (F)

EDU 276 Literacy and Technology Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 295 Introduction to Educatinal Assessment

EDU 305/313 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom (F)

EDU 315 Early Childhood Curriculum Development

EDU 349 Educational Psychology

MUED 215 Music, Play & Self

EDU 402 Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 403 Teaching Science in Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 404 Teaching Social Studies in Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 405 Teaching Literacy in Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 406 Literacy & Assessment in Inclusive Educational Settings

EDU 416 Capstone Seminar

EDU 438 Student Teaching: Birth-Grade 2

EDU 439 Student Teaching in the Elementary School: Grades 3-6

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