STAR-NY (Online Tutoring)

STAR-NY is a consortium of SUNY colleges and universities that have joined together to share resources and expertise to better meet student needs for online tutoring. Online tutoring allows tutors and tutees to engage in tutoring sessions regardless of their respective locations by collaborating via the internet. Free online tutoring is available for enrolled Fredonia students in various subjects. 

STAR-NY Schedule

For a full schedule, visit

To Utilize STAR-NY Online Tutoring

Make sure you are using an updated version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome (Internet Explorer is NOT supported).

Tutors do not respond or correct work through email correspondence.  To receive online tutoring, a student must interact with the tutor in the online platform.

During scheduled hours, go to to request a tutor.

Use your Fredonia e-services username and password to sign-in.


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