Alumni Association Board Members

Mission Statement for the Fredonia Alumni Association

The State University of New York at Fredonia Alumni Association has, as its mission, to make every effort to keep all alumni informed about and in contact with Fredonia. All undergraduate students are assisted in establishing a positive acclimation to the campus. In accomplishing these two objectives, support for the institution is constantly being nurtured. It is through regional programs, class reunions, special events such as Homecoming, involvement in Freshmen Orientation, and an established Undergraduate Alumni Association that these goals are realized.

Executive Officers

Greg Gibbs, Ph.D., '71
Hamburg, N.Y.

Vice President:
Christine Zimmerman Starks '91
Fredonia, N.Y.

Thomas Priester '01
Lancaster, N.Y.

James Sturm, '88
Lake View, N.Y.

2019-20 Alumni Board Members

  • Shellonnee Baker Chinn,’87; Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Gina Browning, '88; Tonawanda, N.Y. 
  • Angelo DiMillo '13; Kenmore, N.Y.
  • Mary Jane DiPietro '73; Dunkirk, N.Y.
  • Robert Egan, '00; Kenmore, N.Y.
  • Heath Forster, '95, '10; Fredonia, N.Y.
  • Greg Gibbs, Ph.D., '71; Hamburg, N.Y.
  • Denise Harris, '01; Lake View, N.Y.
  • Carl Lam, '14; Hamburg, N.Y.
  • Patricia Salman Moore, '99; Bemus Point, N.Y.  
  • Kathryn Hinds Morrison, '90; Fredonia N.Y.  
  • Thomas Priester, Ed.D.,'01; Lancaster, N.Y.
  • Tammy Wilson Prior, '00; Lake Veiw, N.Y. 
  • Christopher Reybrouck, '08; Norfolk, V.A.
  • Dawn Spicer-Dake, '88; Fredonia, N.Y.
  • Carol "Stash"Stanley, '71;  Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Christine Zimmerman Starks, '91, '95; Fredonia, N.Y.
  • James Sturm '88; Lake View, N.Y.
  • Kathleen Kuzina Vicenzotti '88; Colden, N.Y.
  • Karen Shaw Williams, '82; Mayville, N.Y. 

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