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Official transcripts

The Registrar's Office will mail your transcript free of charge to the addressee(s) you stipulate.

Update Personal Information

You can view or update personal information in your SUNY Fredonia records through the web interface, Your Connection.

Access to your records requires a Userid and PIN. If you need help, try this page
Or call us at 716-673-3553.

What's in your record?

  • Fredonia I.D. ("F number") and other security codes
  • Career and biographical information
  • Degree information
  • Current and former addresses and phone numbers
  • History of gifts to the Fredonia College Foundation
  • Student Academic Information

Note: If you receive Authorization Failure - Invalid User ID or PIN, it may be

  • Your Social Security Number did not work because it is not matched to your alumni record. We require your assistance to enable you to log in. Please contact us.
  • Invalid PIN: you are a returning user and did not enter the PIN you set for yourself. Try FORGOT PIN option.
  • Invalid PIN: you are a first-time user but your six digit birthdate did not work because we do not have your birthdate in your record. We require your assistance to enable you to log in. Please contact us

To access once logged in:

  • Click on the link to your Personal Information. You will see a list of bold links that take you to further information. One is "View Your User IDs and Passwords." Your F number is displayed here.
  • Browse all of your information and make updates.

If you don't want to update your record online directly, you can update by email


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Help finding F Number

Alumni and the Fredonia ID

Every graduate or former student has a unique Fredonia I.D.

When SUNY Fredonia underwent a digital records conversion in 2001, all students and alumni were given a Fredonia ID (F Number) which enabled them to log on to a web interface and access or make changes to their own records.

Many alumni will be able to log in to view their records without the help of the Alumni  Office. However, the office will help when needed.  Contact us at alumni.office@fredonia.edu

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