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GI Bill® Tutoring Checklist

Tutorial assistance is available if you’re receiving VA educational assistance at the half-time or higher rate and have a deficiency in a subject that makes tutoring necessary. You can be reimbursed up to $100 per month, up to a lifetime maximum of $1200.

In order for the Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office to process your request for tutorial assistance, you will need to submit the VA form 22-1990t, two letters of recommendation, and the tutor agreement form to the Fredonia State University of New York Veterans Affairs Office.

VA form 22-1990t

This is the official form used to claim reimbursement for tutoring assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill®. This form is available from the Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office website under "Downloads" on the main webpage and in the office.

Course Instructor:
A brief Letter of Recommendation from the Instructor of the course stating that they recommend tutoring to resolve student deficiencies for the given subject.

Academic Advisor:
A brief Letter of Recommendation from your Academic advisor stating they agree with the Instructors’ recommendation and verify that the course is required for your degree.

Tutor Agreement

The tutor must review and sign the tutoring agreement form confirming that they will provide tutoring for the student. This form is available from Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office website under "Downloads" on the main webpage and in the office.

The VA form 22-1990t must be signed by you, your tutor and the Fredonia Veterans Affairs Coordinator before the VA will pay out the claim.

The Fredonia Veterans Affairs Coordinator can NOT sign the VA form 22-1990t unless your Instructor, Academic advisor, and Tutor provide the above requested documents.

GI Bill® tutoring requirements and information:

The purpose of the GI Bill® tutoring program is to help veteran students pay for any necessary tutoring. The allowance is a supplement to the claimant's monthly educational assistance allowance.

The student, tutor, and certifying official must complete VA Form 22-1990t, Application and Enrollment Certification for Individualized Tutorial Assistance. The form combines the student's application for tutorial assistance with the school's certification of need.

All claims for tutorial assistance must be on VA Form 22-1990t. The student may submit an application at the end of each month. However, the student may delay submitting the application and include several months. VA will pay tutorial assistance only for tutoring received during the 1-year period before the date it receives the claim.

The monthly rate may not exceed the cost of tutoring or $100. The maximum amount payable is $1,200. There is no entitlement charge for the first $600 of assistance. After $600, an entitlement charge is computed by dividing the amount of tutorial assistance over $600 by the full-time rate the student is entitled to for an institutional course.

There is no entitlement charge to students receiving chapter 35 and Antiterrorism Act, regardless of the amount of tutorial assistance.

The student must have a deficiency in a unit subject that is part of his or her approved program.

Tutoring must occur during the student's enrollment period. This includes weekends and breaks during a semester. This does not include breaks between semesters.

Tutoring must be given on an individual basis.

The tutor may not be a close relative (spouse, parent, child, sister, or brother) of the student.

An individual receiving tutorial assistance may not provide tutoring to another student in the same subject.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Veterans Affairs Office, David M. White, Veterans Affairs Administrator

  • 158 Nixon Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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