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Volunteer & Community Services

Due to the development of COVID-19, Volunteer & Community Services support will be suspended for the Spring 2021 semester. This also includes any major programming sponsored by this office (i.e. volunteer fair, fall sweep, blood drives etc.) 

About Volunteer and Community Services

The Volunteer and Community Services Program provides volunteer opportunities for students to help build sustainable and meaningful partnerships in the community. This program assists students with real world experience while enriching the lives of others and enhancing their academic experience. It is dedicated to promoting volunteerism and service learning experiences in and outside the classroom.

Interaction with people from the community can help with recommendations for future jobs. There are many positive aspects to being a volunteer; especially feeling good about making a difference.

What you will gain from service...

  • A broader concern for the welfare of others
  • A sense of doing something worthwhile
  • A feeling of satisfaction and increased self esteem
  • Improved Communication skills
  • Openness to persons different than yourself
  • Openness to new experiences
  • Personal Power
  • Valuable experiences related to your chosen career

Three R’s to volunteering...

  • Responsibility - A great deal of responsibility goes into volunteering. The agency needs to know when they will be able to count on you to help. It is important to have good communication with both the volunteer agency and the volunteer program. All activities and responsibilities outlined in the contract between the agency and the volunteer must be followed.
  • Reward is found in knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life.
  • Recreation is found in choosing a volunteer site that interests you.

I Want to Volunteer

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Volunteer Services Newsletter (PDF)
Have you volunteered?
E-mail your volunteer experience to: Volunteer.Services@fredonia.edu

Getting Started

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