Naming opportunities abound across the Fredonia campus, including the beautiful Science Center.

Naming Opportunities

Nurturing Innovation Campaign

Naming opportunities abound across the Fredonia campus, including the inspiring studios for visual and performing arts in the studio complex at the Rockefeller Arts Center.

Hockey fans in Steele Hall


Athletic Complex: $3,000,000
Natatorium: $1,000,000
Soccer/Lacrosse Stadium: $1,000,000
Outdoor Track: $200,000
Athletic Fields: $100,000


Science Center building: $5,000,000
Dods Hall Dance Studio: $250,000
Wings and Floors: $250,000
Learning Center: $100,000
Honors Learning Center: $100,000
Geographic Info. Systems Lab: $100,000
Planetarium: $100,000
Observatory: $100,000
Lecture Halls: $100,000
English Composition Lab: $60,000
Laboratories: $50,000
TV/Audio Labs, Communication Department: $50,000
Mathematics Dept. "fish bowl": $50,000 
English Dept. Reading Room: $40,000
Classrooms: $25,000 
Conference Rooms: $25,000 
Offices: $10,000

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed Chair: $2,000,000
Named Professorship: $500,000
Visiting Professorship: $500,000
Visiting Artist: $500,000 
Lectureship: $250,000

Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center

Go to Rockefeller Arts Center Naming Opportunities

See Rockefeller Arts Center site for details

Science Center

Science Center floor plan

See Science Center site for details

Mason Hall

School of Music: $5,000,000
Sound Recording Studio: $200,000
Rosch Recital Hall Lobby Art: $100,000 
Diers Recital Hall Lobby: $50,000
Large Practice Rooms (Grand Piano): $10,000
Small Practice Rooms: $5,000

Technology Incubator

Technology Incubator (Dunkirk): $3,000,000
Executive Suite: $100,000
Large Conference Room: $50,000
Small Conference Room: $25,000
Exhibition Space: $37,500
Student Business Competition Office: $30,000
Main Lobby: $50,000
Upstairs Lobby: $20,000
Dry Labs (3): $10,000

Campus and Community

Alumni House: $1,000,000
Foundation House: $1,000,000 
Child Care Center: $1,000,000
Center for Intercultural Affairs: $500,000
Campus Roadway (some available): $100,000
President's Conference Room: $100,000
Professional Develop. Learning Center: $100,000

Exact amounts are determined through a consultative, case-by-case process.

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