Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund

Apply for a 2020-2021 grant

$25,000 available for events taking place during three semesters:

  • Spring 2020
  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2021

Funded activities will result in cultural enrichment for the campus and community, include a significant element of community involvement, and benefit more than one campus constituency.

Examples of past awards:

  • Visiting artist, scholar, performer
  • Artist, poet, or novelist in residence
  • Sponsorship of an on-campus event by a touring group or individual
  • Matching funds for a larger grant in keeping with Fund objectives
  • Students coming to campus to experience an on-campus presentation
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations to advance cultural and academic programming

Proposals should include:

  • Purpose of activity proposed
  • How the activity will address the specific goals of the fund (for goals, download RFP using link at bottom of page)
  • Firm schedules or specific timetable for events
  • Budget (budgets should be realistic and constructed carefully; please anticipate all travel-related expenses)
    • Note: Fredonia College Foundation is not setup for Foreign wire Transfers; checks can only be issued in U.S. dollars.
  • Facilities availability and any associated costs (please consult appropriate campus representatives)

Proposal Length:

  • No more than three pages (not including the required cover sheet, available for download at bottom of page)

Submit to:

  • Hard Copy of Proposal to: Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund Committee, Fredonia College Foundation, 272 Central Avenue
  • Or you can submit and upload you proposal online: Submit Proposal Online


  • Friday, Oct. 25, 2019

Review and awards process:

  • Supplemental information may be requested after the initial review
  • Awards will be announced by December 2, 2019
  • Requesting funds from the awarded grant: Download Fredonia College Foundation's Disbursement Policy and Procedure

Requirements for advertising

  • All advertising, printed programs and other communications materials prepared for the event should acknowledge support by the Fredonia College Foundation's Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund

Final Report

  • Award winners will be required to submit a final report of up to 3 pages including a final budget, participation levels and other outcomes. Subsequent proposals will not be considered by the committee unless final reports from previous Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund awards have been completed and submitted
  • Due no later than six weeks after the completion of the project
  • Include attachments of programs, posters or other materials generate

Download Final Report Guidelines (pdf)


Submit Online

For hard copy submission: Download cover sheet (pdf)

Download Request for Proposals (pdf)

2019-2020 Funding

Last year, 12 grants were awarded ranging from $500 to $3,900. See a list of grants awarded during the previous cycle

History of the Fund

The Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund was established by David H. Carnahan and the Carnahan Jackson Foundation of Jamestown, N.Y. in the Fredonia College Foundation in 1993.

The Purpose of the fund is to support events that enrich the cultural life of the university and include some opportunity for community involvement. The funded activities should have their major impact on the campus and in the Chautauqua County - Wetern New York region.


The University President appoints the committee to review proposals and make awards.

Current members are:

Lisa Eikenburg, Natalie Gerber, Andy Karafa, John Kijinski, Tim Murphy, Carmen Rivera, and Ivani Vassoler-Froelich 

For further information, contact:

Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy
Director of Development