ITS Service Center

FREDmedia Setup

FREDmedia for Wired & Wireless Network Service Quick Setup:

Please Note: Only Internet Explorer and Safari can be used for this.

Step 1: Log into the FREDmedia My Devices Portal using your eServices User I.D. and password to register your multi-media and gaming devices. links

Step 2. To add a device, enter the Device ID, which displays on your device as the MAC or Wi-Fi address. It consists of 6 alphanumeric number pairs separated by colons: Example = A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6. Instructions on how to find your MAC address for gaming devices.

Step 3. Click "Submit" and then restart your multi-media or gaming device.

Step 4. Congratulations! Your multi-media or gaming device is now ready to connect to the FREDmedia wireless network OR the campus wired network.

Need Assistance?

Connecting in Academic buildings please contact the ITS Service Center at 673.3407. For Residential Buildings, please contact the ResNet Office at 673.3668. You can request assistance as well through Tracker.