ITS Service Center

eServices Information

Your eServices username and password is used to log into the campus network, FREDapps, FREDmail, OnCourse, and the U drive personal storage. To find your eServices username and password, logon to Your Connection, click on the Personal Information link and then the View Your UserIDs and Passwords link. Locate your eServices username and initial password in the table that is displayed (Please note the date information above each table to determine which is applicable to you.).

Student eServices username generally consists of 2-4 letters of your last name followed by 4 numbers.

Faculty and Staff Logon username generally consists of 2-8 letters of your last name and/or possibly first or middle initials.Passwords for all eServices accounts follow the university's guidelines utilizing upper and lower case letters, numbers and limited special characters. (Valid special characters are listed below).

The initial password is the one that will be displayed, and is what the password will be reset to if you forget it.

Special Characters for Passwords

NOTE: The following special characters are valid for use in passwords:
! $ # %

Change your eServices password