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Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biology Program

Biology Students Out in the FieldThe Biology program is designed to meet the career goals of students with widely varied interests. Graduates of our program are prepared for entrance into graduate school or professional programs (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health professions), and for research, technical, and professional opportunities in health care, biotechnology, environmental management and conservation, education, scientific illustration and journalism.

Students receive a strong foundation in the sciences, which is followed by specialized upper level courses and a Senior Capstone. Senior Capstone options include research, internships or courses that examine specialized biological problems from a variety of perspectives. Your upper level courses and capstone will be tailored to your specific area of interest.

Are you interested in ecology and environmental biology? If so, you will find many lakes, streams, creeks and wooded areas to explore in western New York. Our 200 acre College Lodge provides many opportunities for studying plant and animal ecology. You will have opportunities to perform research under the guidance of our faculty, perform internships at local environmental agencies and to study abroad.

Are you interested in health care? Most students interested in becoming health professionals major in Biology before entering their professional programs. You will have the opportunity to perform research under the guidance of our faculty, perform health care internships, participate in the Health Professions Club and to study abroad. For more information on health professions, visit the Health Professions Advisory Program page.

Don’t see what you are interested in? Consider one of the other four majors offered by the Fredonia Biology Department:

Degree Requirements:

Core Program (24-25 Credits):

BIOL 100

Studying for Success (Highly Recommended)

BIOL 131-132 Introductory Ecology & Evolution Lecture & Lab
BIOL 133-134 Introductory Cell & Molecular Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 237-238 Genetics Lecture & Lab
BIOL 243-244 Organismal Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 330-331 Ecology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 333-334 Biochemistry Lecture & Lab

Twelve additional credit hours of 300-400 level Biology electives, including one upper level course from the following biological sub-disciplines: Cell/Molecular Biology; Organismal Biology; Ecology.

Capstone Experience - Capstone Research, Internship or Course (variable credit)

Supporting Courses (27 - 30 credit hours)

CHEM 115 + 125 General Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
CHEM 116 + 126 General Chemistry II Lecture & Lab
CHEM 215 + 225 Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
CHEM 216 + 226 Organic Chemistry II Lecture & Lab


121 + 123
+ 124

College Physics I Lecture & Lab
College Physics II Lecture & Lab



230 + 232
+ 233

University Physics I Lecture & Lab
University Physics II Lecture & Lab

STAT 250 Statistics for Scientists
MATH 120 Survey of Calculus I

A total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Science in Biology. The remaining credits include courses taken to fulfill the requirement of the College Core Curriculum and electives.

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