Faculty, Dr. Gordon C. Baird, Chair

Dr. Gordon C. Baird, Chair

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Professor Gordon Baird (Ph.D. Univ. of Rochester, 1975) is a paleontologist and stratigrapher / sedimentologist. His research is focused on the sedimentary and tectonic history of the earliest phases of Appalachian mountain building, known as the Taconic orogeny. For many years he has teamed up with Dr. Carleton Brett at the University of Rochester to map and interpret ancient sedimentary basins associated with this important event.

Dr. Baird teaches courses in paleontology, historical geology, earth science, and the geology of New York state. He is also the advisor of our Geology Club, a student organization that promotes scientific and social interaction amongst our majors. Dr. Baird has been actively involved in planning and leading student field trips sponsored by the Geology Club.

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