State University of New York at Fredonia Convocation 2011-2012

Convocation Year 2011-2012

Karthik Bala
Guitar Hero contest with Karthik Bala, was held on Wed., Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. in Dods Hall Multipurpose Room.

Fall 2011 Maytum Convocation Lecture

Karthik Bala, CEO/Chief Creative Officer
Vicarious Visions
Thursday, September 15, 3:00 pm
King Concert Hall

The annual Maytum Convocation Lecture, a tradition at State University of New York at Fredonia, was offered by Karthik Bala. The title of his talk was, "There Are No More Rules; Or, How I Stopped Listening to my Parents and Learned to be Disruptive."

Mr. Bala has accomplished a great deal in just a short period of time. At 36 years old he is the co-founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Vicarious Visions, a leader in the field of computer software. His story is a fascinating one that will resonate with students, professionals, and faculty, alike. It is both interesting and relevant. Tickets were required for the event.

Read Mr. Bala's press release...

Spring 2012 Convocation Events:


Strategic Science:  Risk to the Man, Reward to Society
Keynote Speaker:  Bernard Weiss, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Panelists:  Sherri Mason (Chemistry) and David Kinkela (History)
Respondents:  Christina Jarvis (English) and Tracy Marafiote (Communication)
Thursday, April 19, 7:00 pm
209 McEwen Hall

Coordinator and Moderator:  Melanie Pallone, Esq. (Criminal Justice)

Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of Military, Medical, and Mental Health Services:  Preserving and Promoting Health, Resilience, and Conflict Resolution
Keynote Speaker:  Brigadier General Wilma L. Vaught (President of the Board of Directors for America Memorial Foundation)
Participant:  Elizabeth M. Norman (New York University)
Coordinator:  Bruce Klonsky (Psychology)
Friday, April 13, 5:30 pm
105 Fenton Hall

Other activities will take place from 1:30-4:30 pm on Friday, April 13 and 10-11:30 am on Saturday, April 14.

Entrepreneurial Careers:  Rewards, Risks, Resources
Coordinator:  Marjorie Maloney Plaister (Career Development Office)
Monday, March 26, 7:00 pm
105 Fenton Hall

A panel discussion about entrepreneurism as a career and a lifestyle.

The American Play Ethic
Keynote Speaker:  William Gleason, Princeton University
Coordinator:  Shannon McRae (English)
Thursday, March 22, 4:30 pm
209 McEwen Hall

Follow-up activities will take place in the Horizon Room and on campus on March 23 and 24.

Risks and Repercussions: Odes to the Unsung & Unpraised
Coordinators:  Tim Frerichs (Visual Arts & New Media) and Aimee Nezhukumatathil (English)
Thursday, February 23, 7:00 pm

Reed Library Japanese Garden Room
Students from Fall 2011 Printmaking and Intermediate Poetry Writing collaborate on bringing poems to life via original broadsides. View Broadside Collaboration of student pairings »

The original spirit of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's odes were written in a time of national civil unrest and conflict and poverty. We may not have those extremes facing students the majority of students at Fredonia, but Neruda’s odes to the simple and unsung (subjects as diverse as garlic, socks, and even raising questions about nature and the environment) were considered political in nature. In an age of technological advancements and materialism and global conflicts, it's a risk to focus on the small/non-flashy (but essential) elements of life.

Professor Nezhukumatathil’s ENGL 362 Intermediate Poetry students will be writing odes to fit this risky theme of celebrating the uncelebrated and unsung. After the final drafts of the ode have been completed, they will collaborate with Professor Frerich’s Printmaking students who will then make a 22”x15” color relief woodcut broadside that incorporates digital and collage elements. Join us February 23rd at 7pm in the Reed Library for a mini-poetry reading and gallery talk about the visual and writerly elements of this collaboration across disciplines.

On September 30 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in Rosch Recital Hall bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub presented a lecture on creativity and entrepreneurship. The title of her talk was "Problem Puppies, Persnickety Publishers, and Other Potholes on the Road to Bestsellerdom."

The Arts and Sciences Brown Bag Series presented the following series of events:

  • The theme for October 5 was, "The Brand in a Post 9-11 World."
  • The theme for November 2 was, "America: The Cost of Conflict."
  • The theme for December 7 was, "Are We There Yet? The Pursuit of Happiness and the American Dream."

Questions regarding Convocation matters may be addressed to Jack Croxton at 673-3123 or send an e-mail to: .

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