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Extended Learning Credit Program

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About the Program

Designed for those who would like to begin their college studies on a part-time basis, this program enables individuals to enroll in regular college courses for credit without the more formal college admissions procedures associated with full-time study. Although the application procedure is greatly simplified, Extended Learning Credit Program students are held to the same academic standards as their matriculated colleagues - and experience the same high quality Fredonia education. While some Extended Learning students enroll because they are interested in specific courses, others register with the intention of completing a degree. In either case, the credit earned under Extended Learning status is regular college credit and can be applied toward requirements for a degree.

Please download the Application for Continuing Education Credit Study and email, fax, or mail it to Extended Learning. This applies to both undergraduate (100-400 level) and graduate (500-600 level) courses.

Other Services

Extended Learning students are eligible for many of the services offered by Fredonia including:

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Consider enrolling in the Extended Learning Credit Program if you:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED and want to explore college;
  • Have completed a two-year college degree and want to continue on a part-time basis;
  • Would like to take a few courses for personal enrichment rather than pursue a degree;
  • Have a high school record which may not reflect your current interests, motivation and abilities, or you may have a full-time job;
  • Have credits from other colleges and wish to explore Fredonia's offerings;
  • Are currently attending high school and would like to begin exploring college courses.

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Graduate Study

If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, or if you have already earned a Master's and/or Doctoral Degree and are looking to apply to Fredonia as a non-degree graduate student, please complete the Application for Extended Learning Credit Study.

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Academic Course Load

Typically, Extended Learning students take no more than two 3-credit courses in their first semester. This course load may increase in subsequent semesters. You are free to progress at your own pace. If you matriculate into a degree program, the number of years for completion varies.

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Thirty-hour Certificate

Extended Learning students who successfully complete 30 hours of credit course work receive a Certificate of Achievement. This offers recognition for successful study and often spurs the student to earn a degree.

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Personal academic advising is the cornerstone of our centralized program for Extended Learning students. Advisers are available to assist students in enrolling in college courses appropriate for their needs and interests. Extended Learning students are also encouraged to meet with the Director of Extended Learning to assess their academic progress.

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