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The Fulbright program is the United State’s flagship international exchange program with opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. The Office of International Education can provide support and links to resources to get you started. Watch the University Calendar for informational sessions and workshops!

There are a wide range of programs available to students from any major. The main categories offer grants to research projects, performing or visual arts projects, or English language teaching. Supplemental private funding also makes a selection of other specialized grants available from time-to-time. Fulbright programs tend to be longer-term, for example a few months or a year.

The Fulbright student program is a postgraduate award that junior and senior undergraduates or graduate students can start planning for during their last semesters.For example, prospective applicants who are undergraduates might start planning during the Spring semester of their junior year and apply for the program during the fall term of their senior year.  On a case-by-case basis, some recent graduates of Fredonia may be eligible. 

Competitions open in April and are open through October. If you are planning to apply to one of these programs, plan early and contact OIE so that we know you have started the process. Applications are submitted directly to the Fulbright organization, but student applications require verification from the campus. We can help you plan, offer advice, and help support you through each step of the way. 

The Fulbright Student Program campus deadline is usually in mid-September. This allows the campus time to review applications, offer feedback, and schedule an interview with each candidate before verifying applications with Fulbright. For more details, look through the Fulbright organization’s student programs website for eligibility, program options, planning timelines, and resources.

Getting Started - Fulbright Student Programs

Fulbright Scholar programs offer a variety of opportunities for outgoing Fredonia Faculty and for those hoping to host visiting scholars at Fredonia. Outgoing Faculty will usually need a linkage with a host university as part of their application. If you need help finding a linkage, contact OIE and we can provide a network of contacts who can help you in your search. 

To host a Fulbright scholar, see OIE’s information on Hosting International Visitors

Getting Started - Fulbright Scholar Program


Fulbright offers opportunities for those who work in senior administration and various aspects of international education. The programs are usually around 2 weeks long and focus on familiarization with the host country’s education system and culture.

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