Academic Life

Incoming visiting and exchange students are able to take coursework in any undergraduate department as long as they meet the course requirements. Students should always discuss their overseas academic plans with their home institution so that they can be sure that courses taken abroad go toward their degree program.

After acceptance, incoming visiting and exchange students select courses using the listing of course offerings for the semester they intend to study at Fredonia.   Students will enter their course preferences on the Undergraduate Course Preference Form and return it to the Office of International Education (OIE).  From there, OIE will work with the student's academic department and register the student for coursework.  

Academic Life in the United States

Students will find that academic life in the United States is much different than in their home country.  For example, classes in the US take class attendance, essays, homework, quizzes, and exams into account.  Students may find that they are doing much more work throughout the semester compared to their home university.  This difference, along with language barriers, may make adjusting to academic life a bit more difficult.  

If students find themselves struggling, there are a number of resources on campus that can help them succeed.  Professors, for example, are much more accessible and willing to help students: they may hold office hours where students can drop in and get help if needed, or they may be willing to meet with the student individually.  Fredonia also offers free tutoring in The Learning Center (on the fourth floor of Reed Library) where students are given support by their peers.

The Office of International Education supports incoming exchange students through advisement and is happy to help students find academic or emotional support so that they succeed in their time at Fredonia.

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