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Incoming Students

You've made a great choice! We are happy that you will be joining our Big Blue Family!

Student Arrival and Orientation Information

Spring 2021 Details

Due to COVID-19 and special safety requirements, campus move-in for new students is tentatively scheduled between January 30-February 1; more details will be provided soon.

The first day of classes is currently scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

Move-in is designed to provide you with enough time to move into your residence hall and settle in.  Campus staff will be available to answer any last-minute questions and concerns.


Once an admitted student pays their deposit, there are many important next steps to ensure successful preparation before the semester begins.  Fredonia's NEXT STEP webpage is home to a New Student Checklist and has additional details on how to complete all enrollment requirements.

*In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, new students will complete the Jump Start Enrollment program virtually.  Details and directions about how to complete all your enrollment items can be found on the Orientation page.

NEW Student Checklist


Spring Enrollment Timeline


  • Log into Your Connection to find e-Services username and password

  • Check FREDmail using e-Services username and password

  • Students connect with their Transition Mentors

  • Submit the myHousing Application in Your Connection (if living on campus)

  • Complete the Course Interest Survey sent by the Academic Advising Office

  • Complete online FREDReady Mini-Course and enrollment requirements starting December 7- January 30


  • Participate in Course Advisement and finalize a schedule after January 5

  • Upload photo for FREDCard

  • Review e-Bill

  • Arrival and Move-In Instructions sent out

  • New Student Orientation schedule is sent out

  • Housing Assignments sent via email

  • Immunization Record due to the Student Health Center

  • Purchase/Order Textbooks 

  • Register a vehicle online, if necessary


  • New Student Orientation begins February 1

  • In person classes begin on February 3


Please be aware that COVID-19 safety requirements and updates will be sent by email to all students and posted on Fredonia’s website regularly at



New students will be asked to complete a number of enrollment next steps.   Fredonia has two different types of usernames and log-in credentials to complete these.

To log into the "Your Connection" portal you will use the Fredonia ID number and pin provided to you through Admissions on your acceptance letter.  This login will help you do the following:

  • Pay your deposit
  • Complete a Housing Application
  • Submit a Course Interest Survey
  • View your Financial Aid 
  • View your preliminary Course Schedule

To access online tools using your "E-services" login you will use a different username and password.   You can use your E-services login to do the following:

  • Check your FREDmail (email account)
  • Confirm your meal plan through the myFSA link
  • Log into computers on campus
  • Use Library resources 
  • Access class materials through OnCourse 

An E-services username and password has been created for each new student.  You can view these credentials in the Your Connection, this is how you find them:

  • Log into Your Connection
  • Click on the Personal Information Tab
  • Click on the View Usernames & Passwords link. You will see your eServices User ID and Password here.


We are so excited you are ready to start your Fredonia journey already! 

Details about Fredonia's Jump Start Enrollment Program and New Student Orientation are posted on our Orientation page.

The Jump Start Enrollment Program begins online starting December 7th.  Below is some crucial information about how it all works; completing Jump Start is required for all new students.  Please direct questions to your Transition Mentor at any time or email

The Jump Start Enrollment Program has two steps.  Once you have completed both steps, you will know how to finish all the actions necessary to be enrolled and have a finalized course schedule for the fall semester.

Step #1- Complete the FREDReady 2021 Mini-Course in OnCourse

Each new student is pre-enrolled into this short mini-course.   The course is made up of 8 small sections.  You need to complete each section’s lessons by viewing content or videos and answering a few questions.  In total, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours to accomplish. Students can access FREDReady in “OnCourse” after December 7. It must be completed by January 30.   (Students are automatically enrolled in the mini-course starting December 7 or three business days after paying your deposit.)

Follow these directions:

  • Got to
  • Click on the “myFred” link
  • Click on the “OnCourse” button at the top of the page
  • Log into OnCourse using your e-Services username and password (just like you would for FREDmail)
  • Once in OnCourse, click on Groups.  
  • Click on FREDReady 2021

Step #2- Meet with your Academic Advisor

After you have completed the section called Tools for Learning in the FREDReady mini-course, you will be sent an email to register for a meeting time with your advisor.  These virtual meetings will start as early as January 5.  Once you register for a specific time and date your advisor will confirm the meeting with you.  This is your time to finalize your course schedule and make any necessary changes.

Move-In and New Student Orientation 

Due to COVID-19, Move-In will take place over several days before classes start on February 3.  More details will be provided soon.

New Student Orientation will take place between move-in and the first day.  Detailed information will be sent to students and parents via email shortly.

We know transfer students have additional questions and concerns upon transitioning to a new campus.

Visit the Transfer Services page to better understand how course credits transfer, what additional support services are available, and types of transfer student organizations offered at Fredonia.

The Transfer FAQ  page is helpful in answering common questions transfer students have about Fredonia policies.


This is a listing of basic technology requirements a student should have to support in-class assignments and online learning.  Keep in mind, some departments are requesting specific software, hardware, or operating systems.  Typically, departments with very specific requirements will contact students in those majors to share more information.  However, if you have questions, please reach out to the department directly.  Click here for a link to the department directory

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