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Medical Technology program now "licensure eligible" by state

Thursday October 3, 2013Lisa Eikenburg

The Medical Technology program at SUNY Fredonia has been approved as “licensure eligible” by the New York State Department of Education, insuring that its graduates will continue to find employment in this high-growth, well-paying field. With that designation, SUNY Fredonia students earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology may be employed by hospital and clinical laboratories. The state now requires medical technologists employed in hospital and clinical laboratories to be licensed by the Department of Education, explained Patricia Astry, chair of the SUNY Fredonia Department of Biology and director of its Medical Technology program.

Panel discussion to continue Convocation's focus on diversity

Tuesday September 24, 2013Michael Barone

A panel discussion exploring “The Value of Diversity” will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 3:30 p.m. in Room 103B of the Williams Center to complement to the prior week’s Convocation keynote address by acclaimed African American commentator/writer Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. The panel includes Dr. Bill Boerner, the campus’ new chief diversity officer; Dr. Neil Feit, pPhilosophy professor; and Dr. Emily Straus, history professor.

The 85th Annual Meeting of New York State Geological Association will be hosted by the Department of Geosciences

Wednesday September 18, 2013Alex Shanahan

The 85th Annual Meeting of New York State Geological Association will be hosted by the Department of Geosciences on Sept. 20 to 22 as part of the department’s 50th anniversary celebration. Activities will include five field trips on Saturday and Sunday, and a Saturday night banquet featuring a talk by Dr. Gary Lash.

New lecture series on diversity begins Sept. 19

Monday September 16, 2013Lisa Eikenburg

The first event in a new lecture series, “Diversity as Personal Responsibility,” will be held Thursday, Sept. 19 at 3 p.m. at the Reed Library garden area. The session will look to continue the conversations regarding diversity explored by Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings during her visit to campus in August.

Sherri Mason's groundbreaking research continues to garner international attention

Tuesday September 3, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Chemistry Professor Sherri (Sam) Mason continued to traverse the 'not-so-fresh' waters of the Great Lakes this summer with phase two of the first-ever plastic pollution study conducted in the world’s largest fresh water ecosystem. Dr. Mason once again boarded the Flagship Niagara and traveled across Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario, attempting to quantify the amount of plastic pollutants in each.

Sarah Gerkensmeyer travels to promote new book

Tuesday September 3, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Gerkensmeyer of the Department of English spent much of the summer promoting her new book, "What You Are Now Enjoying," winner of the 2012 Autumn House Press Fiction Prize and published in February.