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COVID-19 guidelines for Spring 2024

COVID-19 Information for During the Semester

The COVID situation has changed significantly over the last several years. As of July 2023,
approximately 77.9% of 18–25-year-olds and 80.1% of 26–34-year-olds have completed their
primary series vaccinations in New York State. Higher vaccination rates, natural immunity, lower rates of infection, and generally less severe variants have led to increased relaxation of
mandates on the city, state, and national level. Nationally, the public health emergency officially ended on May 11, 2023. The State University of New York has issued revised guidance reflecting current conditions. These protocols are subject to change as COVID conditions evolve.

Where can I get tested ?

  • Student Health Center - Located in LoGrasso Hall, the Student Health Center is able to do COVID testing for free and without a copay.  Most medical care provided by the Student Health Center is covered by your health fee.  Please visit the patient portal found here to set up an appointment.
  • Well Now Urgent Care - Located on Vineyard Drive, Well Now Urgent Care can perform COVID testing.  Depending upon health insurance coverage, there is a copay for this testing.  Your visit is NOT covered by the health fee you pay here at SUNY Fredonia.
  • Home COVID test Kits - Although, SUNY Fredonia no longer has access to home COVID test kits, you are able to purchase one at any of the local pharmacies.

If you test positive:


If you have a positive home COVID-19 test or a positive test from an off campus test location,  regardless of whether you live on or off campus:

  • Put on a high-quality mask and avoid contact with other people.
  • You must report your positive test result immediately to with the following information in order to be excused from in-person classes and on-campus activities.
    1. Home Test Reporting: Please place your test device on a piece of paper. On the paper, write your name, your Fredonia ID#,  your date of birth, the date you performed the test and one of the following: the date your symptoms started or the fact that you are having no symptoms.
    2. Off Campus Test Location: Please forward a copy of your test results to health center using the above email.
  • A member of the Student Health Center staff will be in contact with you by email to discuss your isolation plans within the next business day.  In the meantime, please see below for instructions regarding isolation procedures.


  • Contact or 716-673-3434 (non-state employees should notify their human resources director / supervisor). Follow CDC guidelines to isolate/quarantine


Students who live on campus,  should plan to return home to complete their isolation. If special circumstances make this impossible, you may isolate in place in your regular residential room. Limited support services will be available for students isolating in place.  Please refer to the most up to date isolation guidelines found here.

Once You Return from Isolation:

Once you have completed your period of isolation, and are able to return back to campus, in accordance with CDC Recommendations, it is very important to continue to wear a well-fitted mask for days 6 - 10 following the onset of your symptoms.