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Why should I attend Summer Jump Start Session?

How long is the program?

What will the student program contain?

Is there a family or parent program?

What is the Parent/Guardian program schedule?

What are the fees?

How do I make a reservation?

How do I confirm a reservation?

What are the required admission/housing deposits?

Overnight Housing Information for Students and Parents

What will be provided in the Residence Halls?

Are the Residence Halls air conditioned?

What are some of the Off-Campus Lodging options?


Why should I attend a Summer Jump Start Session?

You should come to orientation because the summer program is designed to provide each student (and their families) with the tools and information necessary to a successful transition to Fredonia. We understand that going to college is a huge change in a student's life which ignites both curiosity and anxiety. Our goal is to expose you to the key information you need to start your career off on the right path and complete all your enrollment requirements. During the one day program students will:

  • Finalize their fall academic schedule with a specially-trained academic advisor. (After June 15, a tentative schedule will be available for each student to preview on Your Connection.);
  • Prepare for living on campus by getting a photo ID, selecting a meal plan, registering a vehicle, and submitting health information;
  • Become familiar with campus support services and learning tools;
  • Meet current students who will share information about their personal experiences at Fredonia and answer questions about extracurricular opportunities available.


How long is the program?

The Summer Jump Start Sessions will officially begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.  Program Check-In and continental breakfast takes place between 8:00 a.m.- 8:45 a.m.


Student Program Information

Program check in will take place from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m. (A continental breakfast will be offered at that time as well.) Following check-in you will hear brief welcome remarks.  Immediately following the welcome remarks you will meet with your Student Orientation Leader to review the program in detail and get to know other first-year students in your group.  The rest of the day you will be part of a small group, participating in a series of workshops and information sessions designed to assist you with planning for the fall semester and your adjustment to college life. During this time, you will finalize your course selections and receive your class schedule for the fall semester.

Please note: this is a full day program beginning at 9:00 a.m. lasting through 5:00 p.m.  All steps of the Jump Start program are important and required in order to finalize your class schedule. Please make travel arrangements accordingly.


Parent/Family Guest Program Information (optional)

We recognize and appreciate that you may have special concerns about your son or daughter’s college education. There may be problems, questions, and uncertainties which puzzle you. "How much will college cost?" "What will it be like for my son/daughter?" "How will it change him/her?" "To whom can he/she turn to when a problem arises?"

Our optional Parent/Guardian Orientation Program attempts to answer the questions and concerns most frequently expressed by parents of first-year and transfer students. During a variety of informal workshops, you will be able to discuss the changing parent-student relationship, residence hall life, financial aid, the advising process, and academic requirements. We hope that parents and students will look at and discuss the tentative class schedule (available after June 15) on Your Connection prior to the orientation program. Students need all input and suggestions before sitting down with the specially-trained academic advisors to finalize their fall schedule.

    Parents/guardians will follow a separate and specially designed program just for them. A complete list of activities and locations will be provided upon your arrival. We hope you will be able to accompany your student to Fredonia a Jump Start Session. However, it is not required.  The Parent/Guardian program is completely option.  Please keep in mind, there is a fee for any parent (or family guest) to attend a Jump Start Session. 

    Workshops presented to Parents/Guardian's include:

    • Campus Safety and Expectations- information about student conduct and campus-wide safety 
    • Student Accounts-how to see your student's e-bill and be an authorized user,  what payment plans are available, due dates
    • Financial Aid - steps on how to complete remaining Financial Aid requirements, such as verification 
    • Academic Advising- what course work is your student expected to complete, how students are finalizing their schedules, what an advisor assists with
    • FSA- how campus meal plans work, what are FREDdebit or FREDFunds accounts, what is the FREDCard used for
    • Student Wellness and Support- information about using Tutoring Center, Health Center, and Counseling Center on campus 
    • Residence Life & Technology- details about what to bring or not to bring in residence, as well as computer and data information
    • Extra Items- a tour of the residence halls and walk-in Financial Aid counseling hours

    Those interested in attending the Parent/Family program should register online with their student starting April 15. There is a parent/family guest registration section included in the Summer Jump Start Registration Form. Family members may also choose to request on-campus housing for the session if preferred. Click here to see "How To" register.


    Program Fees

    Please review all available options and select the most appropriate for you and your family.

    All new students are charged a one-time orientation fee that appears on their fall semester bill, not in advance of attendance.  This fee is used to support the food and programming offered at both the Jump Start Sessions and New Student Orientation in August.

    Parent Orientation (Basic)
    This includes the full program, meals (breakfast- lunch- coffee break), and orientation materials only.
    On campus overnight housing is NOT included.
    Parents must pay and register online in advance to attend.
    1 Parent = $50
    2 Parents = $80

    Parent Orientation (Inclusive)
    This fee includes the full program, meal (breakfast- lunch- coffee break- dinner), on-campus overnight housing, and orientation materials.
    Parents must pay and register online in advance to attend.
    1 Parent = $100
    2 Parents = $150


    How to Make a Reservation

    Please click here to sign into Your Connection starting April 15. Once you have logged in, please click on the Student tab. Scroll down to the bottom and select Summer Jump Start Session.

    Each session is limited to a specific number of students to ensure personal attention for each student and each session is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Please note: there is not a separate Family Orientation form; there is a "parent/guest section" included in the student registration form.


    Confirmation of Your Reservation

    Once you have registered for your orientation session, you will be directed to a "Confirmation Page". If for unavoidable reasons it becomes necessary to cancel or change your reservation in any way, you can make changes by clicking the Make a Change link on the Confirmation Page. If you are unable to make changes once you click the link, call (716) 673-4969 for assistance. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the student to make his or her own travel arrangements to Fredonia through airlines, bus companies, and/or travel agencies.

    Please print a copy of the confirmation page and bring it with you to your orientation session.


    Required Admission/Housing Deposit

    Orientation reservations cannot be processed until your Admissions/Housing Deposit ($100; or $50 for those who do not require on-campus housing in the fall) is on file with the Office of Student Accounts. The Admission/Housing Deposit can be mailed directly to the Office of Student Accounts (envelope was provided with your Admissions acceptance packet) or processed online.
    This Admission/Housing Deposit activates you in the university’s computer database and allows you to view your tentative schedule and finalize your fall class selection at Orientation.


    Overnight Housing Information for New Student and Families

    For those who have long distances to travel to Fredonia, lodging is available for students and parents/family members the night before or the night of each Jump Start session.  Please keep in mind that students and parents/family members do NOT stay together.  Students stay with students in one hall and family members stay with other family members in another hall.  Residence halls used for Jump Start are NOT air-conditioned.  You are encouraged to bring a fan with you.

    Student Housing

    • There is no extra charge for one night of stay for a Jump Start attending student. If a student is requiring housing both nights, an additional charge of $25.00 per will be assessed.  This fee is to be paid at the time of check-in to the program.
    • All students will be staying in Nixon Hall.  (Please note: Fredonia is supportive of all students coming to our campus. Gender neutral housing is available during a students stay at Jump Start. Please contact Erin Mroczka, Director of New Student and Transition Programs at 716-673-4969 or email her at orientation@fredonia.edu to make arrangements in advance.)

    Parent/guardian/family guests

    • All parent/guardian/family guests who selected the housing option will be staying in Grissom Hall.  Students and parent/guardian/family guests do not stay together.  Parents who participate without spouses are placed in single rooms (no roommate assigned). 
    • The cost for the program, meals, and 1 night of  housing for parent/family members is:
      • 1 Parent/family member = $100
      • 2 Parents/family members = $150
      • If a parent/family member is requiring housing both nights, an additional charge of $25.00 per will be assessed.  This fee is to be paid at the time of check-in to the program.


    Residence Hall Accommodations

    Each residence hall room will be supplied with sheets, pillow (w/cases), blankets and towels. You may wish to bring toiletry items and a fan.  WiFi access will be provided as well.


    Are the Residence Halls air conditioned?

    No. You may wish to bring a fan.


    Off-Campus Lodging

    Motels and Hotels in Fredonia area; local telephone numbers noted below:

    The Quality Inn (716) 672-4450 3925 Vineyard Drive, Dunkirk
    The Best Western (716) 366-7100 3912 Vineyard Drive, Dunkirk
    Clarion Hotel & Conference (716) 366-8350 30 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk
    Brookside Manor Bed & Breakfast (800) 929-7599 3728 Route 83, Fredonia

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