Campus and Community Children's Center

Friends of the Campus & Community Children's Center


Make a Difference. Donate.

How your generous gift will be used:

  • $10- Could buy a board book to broaden our early literacy development programming.
  • $25- Could buy a magnetic gear set to expand our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art-Design, and Mathematics)  activities.
  • $50- Could buy a set of washable paint to increase creative expression and art design.
  • $75- Could buy a set of realistic baby dolls to promote caring, nurturing and socio-dramatic play.
  • $100-$250- Could buy blocks with accessories to expand our work with mathematical and spatial learning.
  • Over $1000-Could buy a water exploration center for real-life experiences with erosion, flood control, building, recycling, teamwork, communication, and motor skill development.
Your Donation Can Transform A Child's Life!

Ways to Give:

  • Make a safe and secure online donation by clicking to Donate Button above.
  • Drop off or mail your donation.
  • Purchase a desired item for a classroom or the CCCC Center (list can be provided).
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) from and Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  See your Tax Adviser of Financial Adviser for details.

Campus & Community Children's Center is a Non-For-Profit 501c3