Facilities Services Employee Recognition

Facilities Services is fortunate to have many wonderful, dedicated employees. It is with great pleasure that we recognize and thank our employees for the work they perform each day to help the department provide high-quality service to the campus. Please join us in thanking all of the staff for their commitment and service to the University. Highlighted below are staff recognized for their hard work in recent years.

Years of Service Awards

These awards recognize employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35years of continuous service to the University. Recipients are notified in the spring that they will receive recognition and are announced at the annual President's Award for Excellence Luncheon.

Facilities Services - Custodial Services Awards

Custodial Incentive Awards-2018

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Proper Lamp Storage

Gregory Hall - Hector Figueroa; Linda Saletta; Kathy Stempkowski

No Chocked Doors

Incubator - Robert Jank 

Proper Chemical Labeling and Storage

Science Center - Chris Brunecz; Jeff Deering; Wayne Seabolt; Jean Worosz

Custodial Incentive Awards-2017

Proper Lamp Storage

Maytum Hall - Iris Rosa; Jack Anderson

No Chocked Doors

Hemingway Hall - MaryAnn Wykstra; Linda Saletta; Sara Jagoda

Proper Chemical Labeling and Storage

McGinnies Hall - Charles Miller; Sue Michalak; Tracy Lorenzo


Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service

Darlene Burchett - 2017  Retired
Brent Kawski - 2015  Retired
Steve Siragusa - 2014  Retired
Timothy McGraw - 2009  Retired

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service

Michael Jackino - 2014  Retired
Kevin Cloos - 2003

President's Award for Excellence

Brent Kawski - 2014   Retired

Darlene Burchett - 2013   Retired

Timothy McGraw - 2008   Retired

Michael Wygant - 2007   Retired

Jacqueline Grant - 2005   Retired

Marie Zambotti - 2004   Retired

Gene Bouquin - 2000   Retired

Steve Peterson - 1999   Retired

Outstanding Administrative Services Awards


Natalio Matias - Trades

Sara Jagoda - Custodial


Rodney Hayes - Trades

Linda Nixon - Custodial


Nelson White - Trades

Nick Valentine - Custodial


Shannon Mckoon - Secretarial/Clerical

Don Dillenburg - Trades

Robert Miller - Custodial


John Schmidt - Trades

Iris Rosa - Custodial


Herb Farner - Trades

Sue Valentine - Custodial


James Kuras - Trades

Jorge Rosa - Custodial


Larry Pelz - Retired Trades

Gladys Lockett - Retired Custodial


Paul Siebert - Retired Trades

Susan Smith - Custodial


Joe Fabritius - Retired Trades

Randy Goodemote - Retired Custodial


Steve Siragusa - Retired Trades

Lee Szalkowski - Custodial


Joel Polito - Retired Trades

Darlene Miller - Custodial


Mike Jackino - Retired Professional

Brent Kawski -  Retired Trades

Mary Leckliter - Custodial


Timothy McGraw - Retired Trades

Daniel Pleszewski - Retired Custodial


Daniel Chapman - Retired Trades

Vincenzo Chillemi - Retired Custodial


Paul Agle - Retired Trades

Mary Abers - Retired Custodial


Darlene Burchett - Retired Trades

Dave Renckens - Retired Custodial