ITS Service Center

Wireless Network Usage Policy

The wireless network is not meant as a replacement for the wired network and is not to be used as a primary network connection. The wireless network is meant to extend the wired network for simple uses in areas where wired network access is unavailable. Users are expected to avoid using applications that will use large amounts of network bandwidth. These include servers and file-sharing applications.

There are other electronic devices that use the same 2.4GHz frequency as the Fredonia wireless network. These devices include 2.4GHz cordless phones, microwave ovens, X10 wireless cameras, Bluetooth devices, and other wireless LAN equipment. Devices using this technology can cause intermittent failure and loss of service.

The following policies are in addition to the State University of New York at Fredonia campus network usage policies. Actions that are detrimental or inappropriate when accessing the University and Internet resources include but are not limited to those listed in the Wireless Networking section below.

  • Users may not extend or modify the network in any way. This includes adding access points and installing bridges, switches, hubs, or repeaters. The college reserves the right to remove or disable any unauthorized access points.
  • Individual Users will be responsible for all costs associated with purchase, installation, operation, and support of wireless adapters in client computers.
  • Any attempt to break into or gain unauthorized access to any computers or systems from a wireless connection is prohibited.
  • Running any unauthorized data packet collection programs on the wireless network is prohibited. Such practices are a violation of privacy and constitute the theft of user data.
  • We reserve the right to limit bandwidth on a per connection basis on the wireless network, as necessary, to ensure network reliability and fair sharing of network resources for all wireless users.
  • Any effort to circumvent the security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to any Fredonia wireless network may result in the suspension of all access and an appearance before the appropriate disciplinary board.