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Music Therapy

About the Program:

Fredonia’s Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy is one of the most comprehensive in the country, based on the belief that an effective music therapist is a proficient and knowledgeable musician who successfully integrates psychological and clinical skills into practical work. Our curriculum, approved by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), embraces the standards of music therapy education and the professional competencies of the AMTA.

The principles of music therapy have been used for millennia, and has been an organized profession since 1950. Over the past few decades, the music therapist has been increasingly recognized as an important member of health care and educational teams. In order to meet the expectations of the evolving field, the curriculum involves thorough musical training, a sequence of professional courses in psychology and music therapy, and extensive clinical and therapeutic experience.

The musical skills of the music therapist emphasize flexibility as a performer and interpreter of music. The student will study a principal instrument, be encouraged to perform in a broad range of ensembles, and to study other music making strategies.

The demand for qualified music therapists continues to grow, and our graduates consistently score above average in the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) exam, have been hired in competitive music therapy job searches, and have created new positions in the field.

We are proud to announce our new Master of Music in Music Therapy degree program. Music therapists have the opportunity to advance and deepen their music therapy skills and knowledge as they prepare to become New York State Licensed Creative Arts Therapists. Undergraduate students of Fredonia may move seamlessly into the Masters program and complete their Bachelor and Master degrees in as little as 5.5 years. Alternatively, music therapists who have completed an undergraduate degree in music therapy at Fredonia or elsewhere and are Board Certified may complete their curricular requirements in 18 months full-time or as part-time students at their own pace.

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