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The musical result of a recording project is increasingly dependent upon the quality of the recording engineer, and often the recording studio itself can be regarded as a musical instrument. Fredonia’s Sound Recording Technology (SRT) facilities range from labs and workshop spaces to state-of-the-art studios, live rooms, and booths that rival the best in the nation. We are committed to educating upcoming audio professionals how to successfully interact with people in a creative environment. We offer guidance in musical and technical knowledge and promote mental flexibility. Graduates have a working knowledge of industry hardware; training and experience in monaural, stereo, and multitrack recording, as well as in live sound for different media; and experience in operations, maintenance, and management. 

The Fredonia Difference

At Fredonia, we believe the audio engineer must be an excellent musician with a broad range of scientific and engineering skills. Sound Recording Technology at Fredonia is a highly selective program that accepts applicants on the basis of both high academic and musical achievement. Enrolling in our four-year Bachelor of Science in Music with an Emphasis on Sound Recording Technology degree program means having time to discover your own creative abilities and ambitions and learning how to help others realize theirs. Training is provided in analog and digital recording and editing, sound reinforcement, automation, and signal processing. Juniors assist senior production projects, and seniors produce the equivalent of half an album. Facilities include 8- and 24-track studios and ancillary work rooms. SRT students provide recording services for the School of Music, the community, and the region. Acceptance to the Sound Recording Technology program is by audition.

Career Opportunities for Sound Recording Technology

  • recording engineer
  • studio manager
  • mastering engineer
  • broadcast engineer


What does a 4-year degree look like?

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What are all the required and elective courses offered to obtain this degree?

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Sample Courses

SRT 200 Recording Practicum

Applied instruction in basic audio techniques. Includes studio instruction in the use of microphones, loudspeakers, tape recorders.

SRT 350 Technology and Practices of the Recording Industry

A two-semester course in multi-track recording technology, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

SRT 105 Recording Techniques for Music

A non-technical introduction to recording technology. Students will learn established recording techniques, how to make good audition tapes, the possibilities of digital editing, how to purchase the right equipment, and other recording essentials.

Why Sound Recording Technology at Fredonia?

sound recording technology studio


Our students are trained on the same equipment that is standard in the industry. This is a real world advantage for winning that ideal internship or landing the ultimate job.

students enjoying a spring day on campus

Superb education

Fredonia offers an intensive and interdisciplinary program that also provides a superb education in the liberal arts and sciences.

trio concert at Rosch

Real-world preparation

SRT majors are strongly encouraged to double major in Music Performance to take full advantage of private lessons with our artist faculty. Those who graduate with a double major are often the most successful in the audio engineering field.

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