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Students create 3D skulls in project funded by Costello award connecting biology, computer science and art

Roger Coda

Creating a 3D skull collection basically from scratch – made particularly unique because it’s a collaborative project engaging students enrolled in seemingly distant academic areas – is opening new educational opportunities at SUNY Fredonia.

Talk to outline how ‘real-time’ transfer of patients’ vital signs to hospitals can save lives

Marketing and Communications staff

Research that delves into how vital signs of patients in critical condition can be transferred from ambulances to a hospital and physicians in “real-time” will presented in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences monthly lecture.

Seminar series to explore the use of assessments in the age of artificial intelligence

Marketing and Communications staff

A talk, “Authentic assessments for meeting challenges of generative artificial intelligence,” will be given by Dr. Masood Khan as part of the Department of Computer and Information Science’s monthly seminar series.