Good Neighbor Guide

Fredonia Off-Campus Living Guide

Good Neighbor Guide

This section offers suggestions for being a good neighbor and being a good housemate. There are several ideas to consider when living off-campus.

Being a Good Neighbor

The village surrounding Fredonia is a diverse mixture of families with young children, the elderly, and students. Those surrounding the college may call Fredonia home for as long as their entire lives, or as little as one academic year.

As a member of the community, you share the responsibility of keeping your neighborhood clean, safe, and peaceful with your neighbors. Your behavior will reflect not only on yourself but on the University as well. Get to know your neighbors and act courteously towards them. Together you can make your community a great place to live.

Noise and Social Gatherings

Noise is the most common complaint about students living off campus. Be polite by keeping stereos and voices from being heard across property lines. If you are having a gathering, the following suggestions may help insure that you have a successful gathering while staying on good terms with your neighbors.


  • Inform your neighbors in advance that you are having a gathering. Leave them your name and number and encourage them to call you before they call the police.
  • Use invitations, not flyers. Open gatherings can easily get out of control.
  • Remind your guests to park legally, not on lawns, sidewalks, or blocking neighbors' driveways.
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks and food conveniently located.
  • Periodically walk outside to check the noise level and adjust it accordingly. Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Keep your guests indoors, especially after the town noise ordinance takes effect.
  • Remind guests to be quiet when leaving and to leave containers at the door. This will limit litter in the town. Provide trash receptacles.
  • Clean up the area around your apartment after the gathering.
  • The town of Fredonia enforces and Open Container Law; thus, leave all beverages indoors.

Do NOT...

  • Serve alcohol to minors. As the host of the gathering, you would be in violation of the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, Section 65.1.
  • Charge admission to the gathering. It is a crime to sell alcohol without a license. A first offense violation could cost you as much as $1,500.
  • Let your guests become intoxicated. Under the Dram Shop Act, you may be held liable for any damages or injuries cause by a person who became intoxicated at your house.
  • Overcrowd your apartment or yard. Overcrowding can cause (1) the blockage of emergency exits, (2) illegal parking on lawns, (3) excessive noise, and (4) guests to inappropriately confuse the outdoors with bathroom facilities.

Trash Disposal

  • Pick up litter on you porch, lawn, and driveway. Your neighbors will appreciate the nice appearance of the house.
  • Make sure you and your housemates know what day garbage or bulk trash is collected in your neighborhood. Do not put your garbage out before 7:00 p.m. the evening before your scheduled pick-up day.
  • To prevent animals getting in your trash, use only containers with tight-fitting lids.


  • Park your car legally-do not park on lawns or sidewalks, or in front of fire hydrants.
  • Vehicles may not be parked on streets or any public highway within the village of Fredonia from November 15 to April 15 between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. (Local Law No. 13 of 1991 Village of Fredonia; Section 5F).
  • Be careful not to block neighbors' driveways.
  • Be sure that your guests are aware of parking regulations and abide by them.

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