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Rosie Picture

Rosemarie Rapisarda

President of the Student Association 

  • Major : Political Science 
  • Minors : Communications 
  • Hometown : Brooklyn, NY
  • Class Standing : Senior 
  • About: As Student Association President, I am responsible for maintaining daily operations of the Student Association. As President I oversee all 170 clubs, serve on faculty committees, while being the connection between Administration and the student body.
  • What has SA done for me?:  As an SA executive, I’ve been able to create connections, build relationships, generate ideas, serve others and expand my leadership skills outside of classes. . 

Stephen Picture

Stephen Wright

Vice President of the Student Association

  • Major: English
  • Minor: Leadership
  • Hometown: Queens, NY
  • Class: Senior  
  • About: I’m the primary contact between club leaders and the Association. I handle the president and treasurer’s contact info, and make sure club leaders are informed on proceedings of the Assembly by hosting Summit! 
  • What has SA done for me?: I chose to be apart of Student Association to have a voice on what goes on around school. Being apart of a lot of committees at Fredonia has not only helped me with being myself up as a leader but also helping my community when it needs help the most. 

Brian Lyght

  • Major:  B.A. Music Education
  • Minor:  Creative Writing and Communications
  • Hometown: Owings Mills, Maryland
  • Class: Junior
  • About: Assist students in requesting funds and budgeting.  
  • What has SA done for me?: SA has allowed me to help give back to Fredonia. It has also allowed me to help a wide variety of people, and learn about all of the different things that happen on campus..

Cassondra Picture

Cassondra Doubek

  • Major: History
  • Minor: Museum Studies
  • Hometown: Randolph, NY
  • Class: Senior
  • About: As speaker I lead meetings and approve club paperwork so they can become official!
  • What has SA done for me?:  What has SA done for me? SA has allowed me to improve skills related to leadership, public speaking, and time management. It's also helped me have a better idea of what's happening on campus.


Bethany Picture

Bethany Anderson
Chief Justice

  • Major: Social Work
  • Minor: Psychology, Sociology
  • Hometown : Watertown, NY
  • Class: Senior
  • About: My role as Chief Justice is to serve as the Chair for all meetings and functions of the Judicial Branch within the Student Association of Fredonia.
  • What has SA done for me?:  I joined the supreme court as a second semester freshman and have served on it ever since. I have gained friends, and a vast understanding of the student constitution. My position allows for me to represent the students here at Fredonia by offering an unbiased and reason based approach.

Student Association (SA)

  • 280 Central Ave. S226A-B, S227 Williams Center State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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