SA Executives

Ilene Thompson

President of the Student Association 

  • Major : Psychology B.S 
  • Minors : Public health 
  • Hometown : Bronx, NY
  • Class Standing : Junior 
  • About: As Student Association President, I am responsible for maintaining daily operations of the Student Association. As President I oversee all 170 clubs, serve on faculty committees, while being the connection between Administration and the student body.
  • What has SA done for me?:  I’m always looking for ways to expand my leadership skills and help my community in anyway that I can and SA was the perfect fit. 

Jah-Quail Griffin

Vice President of the Student Association

  • Major : Social Work
  • Minor : Communications
  • Hometown : Brooklyn, NY
  • Class : Sophomore  
  • About : I’m the primary contact between club leaders and the Association. I handle the president and treasurer’s contact info, and make sure club leaders are informed on proceedings of the Assembly by hosting Summit! 
  • What has SA done for me? : I chose to be a part of the SA to have an active role in my college community and be the change I wish to see. While serving as VP I hope to inspire and provide for Fredonia’s entire student body.

Nicholas Wittmeyer

Nicholas Wittmeyer

  • Major:  B.A. Economics, B.S. Finance
  • Hometown: Bear Lake, NY
  • Class: Senior
  • About: Assist students in requesting funds and budgeting.  
  • What has SA done for me?: Working for SA has given me a great opportunity to work for a non profit organization. It also has allowed me to develop key proficiencies that I will use in the professional world, such as accounting and holding meetings.

Esmeiry Ventura
Chief Justice

  • Major : Biochemistry (Chemical Emphasis)
  • Hometown : Melville, Long Island
  • Class : Junior
  • About : My role as Chief Justice is to serve as the Chair for all meetings and functions of the Judicial Branch within the Student Association of Fredonia.
  • What has SA done for me? : Student Association has provided me with a foundation to enhance student life on campus. This position has allowed me to represent the students of Fredonia by serving justice and interpreting the constitution with a moral reasoning approach.

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