Campus and Community Children's Center

Arrival & Departure

The Campus & Community Children's Center Campus Site is open from 7:30 to 5:30 Monday - Friday.

Please plan to drop your child off after 7:30 am and pick up before 5:30 pm. Families will not be permitted in the building before 7:30 am and we request that all families be out of the building before 5:30 pm.

A pickup release section is located on the data sheet that is included with your enrollment packet. For the protection your child(ren), we must have a written discharge authorization for the person or persons you designate. Please list the names, relationships, and phone numbers of all persons you authorize. The form should be completed thoroughly. This list of approved adults will be given to the staff, who will ask for picture identification from adults who are unfamiliar. Please communicate with the staff about pick-up arrangements. You can also add individuals to your child(ren)'s pick up list by filling out a change of information form. These forms are available in the office. Phone calls will be accepted only in an emergency.

Late Pick-Up Policy

The Campus & Community Children's Center closes at 5:30 pm. Please arrive prior to 5:30 p.m, allowing time for your child to gather belongings and exit the building before 5:30. Staff members have family, academic and social commitments at the end of their workday so late pick-ups are problematic. Of equal importance is the anxiety created in children when parents are late. If you are late, you will be asked by one of our staff members to sign a late pickup slip. To be consistent, as well as preventing the center's closing staff from being in an awkward position, the clock in the office will be used.

See the Campus & Community Children's Center Parent Handbook for more information.