Student Keys

Student Key Policies

(Non-Residence Halls)

The Chairperson/Director of the department must send the student key authorization form to theOffice of Facilities Services requesting a key or keys, to be issued to the student. Please complete all the information indicated. Any missing information will only delay processing the request. Students will need to know their Fredonia ID number. (GET INFORMATION HERE)

After approval of the key request:

  • A key card is generated for the student and the lockshop will issue a key(s).
  • The student must come to the Facilities Services office to pick up the key.

Each student will require the following items before a key will be issued to them:

  • Their SUNY ID card.
  • Signed agreement portion of the student key authorization form
  • A deposit of $10.00 per key, cash or  credit, Visa or MasterCard (deposits are returned, when the key is returned; a written receipt for the cash deposit is issued)

Student Key request form MS Word

Student Key request form PDF Format

Click here to pay for key deposit on line using your credit card (Visa or MasterCard)