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Fredonia American Democracy Project (ADP)

The goal of ADP is to educate students to become engaged in civic issues through participatory democracy and develop appreciation for voter participation.

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American Democracy Project (ADP)

The Fredonia American Democracy Project (ADP) committee was formed with the goal of educating students to become engaged in civic issues through participatory democracy as well as to encourage students to become well-informed voters and to appreciate the impact that voter participation can have. » Learn more about ADP's network of 250+ state colleges and universities

Student Engagement Videos

ADP’s main goal is to encourage students to become civically engaged. In Spring of 2022, ADP’s student sub-committee launched a video project to advance ADP’s mission.

Students volunteered to answer a few questions about four disparate topics including general politics, civic engagement, voter registration, and media bias. As you view each video, you’ll learn about different students’ levels of political involvement and knowledge.

Each student’s answer offers insight into Fredonia’s student population and serves as firsthand feedback from students. Understanding Blue Devils’ current level of political engagement and political knowledge will help ADP structure its future events.

Click on the images below to view student interview videos:

View student interviews - Part 1 views on politics   View student interviews - Part 2 on Civic Engagement
View student interviews - Part 3 regarding voter registration   Student interviews on media bias - part 4

A HUGE thank you to all the student volunteers for helping ADP!

We need you to YOU help us find ways to make politics more approachable and relevant to students!

How to get involved

ADP Committee Members:

  • Angela McGowan-Kirsch (Chair)
  • Charles Cornell
  • Mary Croxton (Chautauqua County League of Women Voters)
  • Gail Crowe (Chautauqua County League of Women Voters)
  • Jessica Finkeldey
  • Kevin Kearns
  • Rachel Martin
  • David Phillips
  • Raymond Rushbolt
  • Alexander Fisher (Student Representative)

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