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Fredonia American Democracy Project (ADP)

The goal of ADP is to educate students to become engaged in civic issues through participatory democracy and develop appreciation for voter participation.

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American Democracy Project (ADP)

The Fredonia American Democracy Project (ADP) committee was formed with the goal of educating students to become engaged in civic issues through participatory democracy as well as to encourage students to become well-informed voters and to appreciate the impact that voter participation can have. » Learn more about ADP's network of 250+ state colleges and universities

STUDENTS: Apply for ADP's Online Political Conversations Curator Internship! (starting Fall 2021)

Login to FREDNetwork to view the internship and application details. Please submit a current resume and cover letter that discusses the applicant’s "politically engaged identity." Materials should be emailed to Dr. McGowan-Kirsch (ADP Chair) at mcgowan@fredonia.edu by F, August 27, 2021. Applicants should also include a list of relevant courses that have been completed and/or are in progress.

Questions? Contact Dr. McGowan-Kirsch, ADP Committee Chair

adp logoADP Committee Members: 

  • Angela McGowan-Kirsch (Chair)
  • Karen Begier
  • Tracy Collingwood 
  • Charles Cornell
  • Nicole Cronin (Student Representative)
  • Mary Croxton (Chaut. Co. League of Women Voters)
  • Gail Crowe (Chaut. Co. League of Women Voters)
  • Jessica Finkeldey
  • Kevin Kearns
  • Rachel Martin
  • David Phillips
  • Isabella Wilder (Student Representative)


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