Graduate Education Literacy student, Kim Lotocki, works with children at Dunkirk School No. 3.

Curriculum and Instruction


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is home to numerous faculty and staff members dedicated to providing students with engaging and meaningful classes for future educators. We offer Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education, Childhood Inclusive Education, and Early Childhood/Childhood Education programs at the undergraduate level, leading to initial certification in these areas. We are also home to one of the largest graduate programs on campus with over 100 students enrolled in the MSEd. in Curriculum and Instruction program. Our field-based classes within the department allow students to experience what it really means to be an educator in today's world, while having the chance to work with local 'experts' on a professional level. In addition, our faculty are committed to continually expanding their knowledge through research and professional development opportunities. We invite you to learn more about the department, programs, and faculty through the links provided below.

Dahlgren, Chair

Dr. Robert Dahlgren, Chair of Curriculum and Instruction

Faculty (2018-2019)

• Dr. Robert Dahlgren, Chair • Dr. JaeHee Kwon
• Dr. Laura Geraci • Dr. Jill Marshall
• Dr. Jessica Gugino • MaryBeth Muldowney (Lecturer)
• Dr. Mike Jabot • Dr. Cynthia Smith

• Dr. Guangyu Tan

Adjunct Faculty (2018-2019)

  • Kelly Bates​​​​​​
  • Elizabeth Bromsted
  • Mary Galac
  • Linda Liedke
  • Jacqueline Rasulo (Fredonia-Hamburg Program Coordinator)

Programs Leading to a Bachelors of Science in Education (BSEd)

Programs Leading to a Masters of Science in Education (MSEd)

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