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Literacy: Grades 5-12

Literacy: Grades 5-12 at Fredonia

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These degrees are intended for initially certified teachers interested in an advanced degree in teaching literacy to children from birth to grade 12. The content of the degree programs include extensive assessment training, field-based practicum, and a literacy capstone project of the students' choice.

The Fredonia Difference

We firmly believe that all students can learn, and we are committed to the preparation of teachers who maximize student learning!

Candidates enroll in course work related to child/adolescent literacy development, literacy theory, and pedagogical strategies for providing literacy intervention to struggling readers and writers. All of the courses strengthen the candidates' knowledge of the Four Pillars of Understanding -- Knowledge, Pedagogy, Diversity, and Professionalism; in turn, these Pillars support the educational process of effective planning, instructing, reflecting, and responding. Course work and instruction are rooted in a strong foundation of research-based practices and strategies, contextual factors that influence instruction, and standards for teaching and learning.

Career Opportunities

  • Public/private school teacher
  • Reading teacher
  • Middle and high school reading specialists
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Sample Courses

EDU 574 Multicultural Children's Literature & Technology

The course provides an overview of children's literature from the perspectives of genre, critical literacy, censorship, readability, instructional resource, and multiculturalism. The course also examines literature in non-print forms both for reading and as a product of student writing.

EDU 579 Foundations of Literacy

The course presents knowledge about basic psychological and social foundations of reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, and viewing. It addresses linguistic, cognitive, psychological, and sociological components that are essential for Candidates to know in order to provide literacy instruction and intervention to the increasingly diverse group of learners in today's classrooms.

EDU 651 Issues and Research in Literacy

The course provides Candidates with an opportunity to analyze issues in the field of literacy and the research connected to them. The course is also the pre-requisite to the Literacy Program capstone project course and requires Candidates to select their capstone topic and write a proposal for that project.

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