Health Professions Advising Committee

The Health Professions Advising Committee at Fredonia works to advise and support students preparing for a career in medicine, dentistry, optometry, and veterinary medicine.  The committee assists students through course and career advisement, by disseminating information on internship and research opportunities, and by providing guidance on the preparation of a successful professional school application.

Fredonia students have two interviews with the committee.  The first interview is typically in the fall semester of the sophomore year or for transfer students in their first semester at Fredonia.  The student provides an essay about their interest in the health professions and at the interview the committee provides feedback and advice on course, internship and other professional development opportunities.

The second interview is in the semester before the students will be applying to health professional school or before they graduate.  The committee reviews the student's application essay and asks questions about their career interests and experiences.  At these interviews the students may ask the committee members questions as well to get feedback and advice.  After this application interview, the chair of the committee can write a committee letter of recommendation for the student.

The members of the Health Professions Committee are:

Dr. Joy Bilharz (Sociology)
Dr. KimMarie Cole (English)
Dr. Catherine Creeley (Psychology)
Dr. Cheryl Drout (Psychology)
Dr. Matt Fountain (Chemistry)

Dr. Ted Lee (Biology), Chair
Dr. Scott Medler (Biology)

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