Testimonials from Fredonia Alumni


Steve Kolenda, University of Buffalo Dental School student

B.S. Biology 2011

Walking into professional school as the youngest student in the program is a daunting proposition.  However, I was exceptionally well prepared to handle the pressure to perform because of my experiences at State University of New York at Fredonia.  My didactic load in dental education was significantly reduced because of the quality of education Fredonia has provided.  My education was well rounded and I found myself to be academically equal or ahead of my classmates.  Fredonia gave me an excellent foundation to build upon.  This foundation was built by the hard work and dedication of the faculty, especially in the biology and chemistry departments.  The faculty are very approachable and took the time to help me with any issue that arose.

My positive experiences at Fredonia do not only relate to the classroom education but to social growth as well.  As a clinician, success is 100% based on social interaction and communication.  My goal of broadening my horizons was facilitated by being able to choose from numerous student life activities.  It was easy to get involved in activities in which I was interested.  The opportunities for learning about different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs were made possible by the diversity of the student body.  Learning to communicate with people with different experiences than mine has led me to great clinical success.  I strongly recommend Fredonia as the top choice in collegiate education.

Steven Gangloff, University of Buffalo Medical School student

B.S. Biology 2012

The atmosphere at Fredonia, from the facilities and professors to the students, nurtures growth and success. Indeed, it is a great task to mold a young adult fresh from high school into a medical student in just 4 years. Yet, here I sit, tectonically shifted and shaped, pointed in a promising direction, and well prepared for my medical training.

It goes without saying that the education I received at Fredonia State was exceptional. I gained a breadth of knowledge that undoubtedly left me prepared and academically competitive with my medical school peers. Importantly, the small discussion-based classes, fast-paced upper level electives, and research opportunities available at Fredonia allowed me to become well-versed and experienced in topics to a degree above traditional undergraduate basic familiarity or memorization

Beyond the stellar education, it is important for me to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the "college experience" I obtained. At this institution I was showered with opportunities to grow and excel. The diverse student body, hundreds of clubs and organizations, and chances to become involved on campus and in the community left me replete with color and experience, and confident in whom I am as a person and a professional. As well, the efforts of the faculty, staff, and students to support this growth were unparalleled.

I owe a great deal of my success and successes to come to Fredonia, and I know that the time I spent at this university will reflect positively through my character as a practicing physician. An alumnus of Fredonia, I have noticed, always holds in his or her heart a great deal of pride in this university, and I am no different. 

Rob Stanley, MD/PhD candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

B.S. Biology 2007

State University of New York at Fredonia allowed me to realize my potential as a student and provided an education that was greatly appreciated once I got to medical school. The courses and the available electives really helped pave the way for my career. One course in particular, senior seminar, a class involving reading, interpreting and presenting current scientific papers was critical to my education and is now something I do on a daily basis. The core scientific principles taught in the biology and chemistry departments provided the necessary fundamentals and beyond for a career in medicine and science. There were many opportunities to engage in scientific discovery, most important of which were the research opportunities at State University of New York at Fredonia. The small classes and the availability of teachers make this program unique and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with teachers who cared about my education and helped me to achieve my career goals.

Jennifer Manzone, DVM

Graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine 

B.S. Biology 2006

One of the most important things about Fredonia that helped me to prepare for veterinary school is the size of the school.  The smaller number of students in the Biology department allowed for me to make sure I got the most out of classes and the department in general.  Being in a class of 140 students now I know that I would not have been as successful in preparing for veterinary school if I had gone to a larger school.  The variety of elective courses that I was able to take at Fredonia within the Biology department and the rest of the university also helped to prepare me for the things I would be learning now. 

Joel Moore, M.D.

Graduate of the University of Buffalo Medical School 

B.S. Biochemistry 2004

State University of New York at Fredonia was a great stepping-stone on my way to medical school.

From the start I benefited from the small classes, where I was able to receive individualized attention in my pursuits. I was provided with many opportunities to build my resume including volunteer opportunities, a plethora of clubs, and intradepartmental academic recognition with awards. Of note, and fairly unique to Fredonia, was the large number of research opportunities where I was able to work one on one with a professor on multiple projects.  When applying to medical school, the pre-professional club and pre-professional committee were a great help in navigating this cumbersome process. In the pre-clinical years of medical school, my education from Fredonia served me well and proved to be a solid foundation from which to expand my medical knowledge and make me a highly competitive student. And on a financial note considering the cost of medical school, I feel fortunate to have received such a great education for a very reasonable price.

Matt Aboudara, M.D.

Graduated from University of Buffalo Medical School

B.S. Biology 2001

The greatest impact that the biology program at Fredonia State had on my preparation for medical school and beyond was the small class sizes and the dedication of the faculty to my education.  I was able to ask questions and interact with professors and other students in a nonthreatening environment and as a result was able to retain a great deal of information that prepared me for the basic science classes in medical school.  I found several of the basic science classes in medical school almost a review of what we had covered in various biology classes at Fredonia State.

Justin Cole, O.D.

Optometry Resident, White River Junction VA Medical Center

Graduated from New England College of Optometry

B.S. Biology 2003

State University of New York at Fredonia's small class sizes allowed me to have a more intimate relationship with my peers and my professors. The faculty was always available and was very involved in helping me to achieve the highest success possible.  Having this rapport with my professors enhanced my learning experience, and I feel at a larger university this relationship would have been less evident.  Fredonia was integral in preparing me for the next stage of my education.

Bill Ehrman, D.O.


Residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

B.S. Biology 2001

State University of New York at Fredonia prepared me for medical school by the uncomparable education that I received.  Not only were the premed/biology classes more than exceptional, but the all of the professors cared about each student's success and education.  The professors were readily available to answer all questions, and the students were "not just a number."  Personally, I would not trade the education that I received at Fredonia for anything and could not have been prepared for medical school better anywhere else.

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