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What do I need to do to get admitted into medical, veterinary, dental or optometry school?

All of the following are important and this is not meant to be an inclusive list.  Students should take the initiative to determine the requirements for their schools of choice.  The sooner you begin to meet the requirements, the better your application will look.  If you start working on the requirements later (as a junior or senior), then you may need some additional time after graduation to be accepted into the school of your choice.


Good grades are very important for being accepted; the curriculum in a professional school is quite rigorous.  A strong academic record at the undergraduate level helps to demonstrate that a student has the ability to be successful.  Professional schools also like students who are well-rounded in their academic background.  It is not advisable to only take classes in the natural sciences.  It is recommended that students take courses in the social sciences, humanities and arts.


Good scores on the entrance exams for medical (MCAT), dental (DAT), veterinary (GRE or MCAT), and optometry (OAT) help to demonstrate to the admissions committee that a student has the ability to be successful.  It is recommended that students take a preparatory course prior to taking these exams.  The Health Professions Office and Career Development Office have information on these exams for students.

Professional Activities

It is critical that students are active in gaining experiences in their chosen career field.  Students should work to shadow professionals in their area, volunteer in their field, seek out internships and participate in as many professional activities as is possible.  Are you sure you want to be a doctor?  These activities will help to confirm your choice and will allow you to articulate your goals during the application process.

Other Activities

Meaningful experiences and activities are also beneficial for your application.  Fredonia students who have been successful in applying to professional schools have been members of athletic teams, active in campus clubs, and/or volunteer activities (such as Habitat for Humanity).

It is important to be a well-rounded student and individual and to have a record of activities and accomplishments to demonstrate this.

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