LECOM Pharmacy Early Assurance Program

Early Acceptance Program Fredonia and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Pharmacy School.

General Information and Requirements: 

Fredonia's program with LECOM is open to high school seniors and Fredonia underclassmen.  There are 4+4 and 3+4 (for highly motivated students) tracks.  In the 3+4 track, students matriculate to LECOM after their junior year at Fredonia.  Credits from the first year of pharmacy school transfer back to Fredonia so the students earn their BS degree.

High school students who apply to the program should have:

  • 93 high school grade point average

  • SAT scores of 1250 or better (combined Critical Reading & Math) or ACT scores of 28 or higher

Students who apply from Fredonia should have:

  • a 3.4 or higher overall grade point average

  • a 3.4 or higher science grade point average.

Information on the early acceptance program requirements are on the LECOM website, there is a link on this site for students to initiate the application process. Students who are applying to this program need to interview with LECOM. LECOM then notifies Fredonia of the students accepted into the program. Students also need to apply to Fredonia as well, this application is independent of the LECOM application. Please note that students accepted into the LECOM program are exempt from taking the PCAT exam.

Interested students should contact David Steiner in the Fredonia Admissions Office and Dr. Ted Lee, chair of the Health Professions Advising Committee.  

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