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The department offers two Bachelor of Science degree programs:

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  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems.

Note that you can double-major or major in one of the programs and minor in the other. Another option is the Co-op Engineering Program, which features academic agreements between Fredonia and its affiliated engineering schools. The program combines liberal arts and sciences at Fredonia with engineering at another school.

Computer Science (CS) spans the range from theory to practice to cutting edge inventions. CS makes graduates aware of new technologies and new ideas and is a foundation for many computing careers. Computer scientists today work for a wide variety of organizations and in various capacities. They design and build software and create efficient solutions to real-life problems in fields like robotics, computer-enhanced vision, medicine, and digital forensics.

Do you love to solve puzzles? Invent new ways of using computers? Or exchange theories about new ideas? Then the Computer Science program is for you. After taking a core of 27 credits, the program gives you the opportunity to either follow the general track or specialize in three areas:

Mike Seay and "cryptography and terrorism"The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) degree is available with three options (tracks):

  • Advanced Computing (AC)
  • Software Development (SD)
  • General Track (GT)

After graduating, you will be able to design and build software, or solve practical problems using artificial intelligence, computer vision, scientific computing, computer graphics and other innovations.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) specialists design solutions that provide companies, non-profit organizations and governments with the information they need to make informed decisions. CIS employs computer systems to implement and improve the way organizations work. CIS professionals combine their knowledge of computing and organizations to bridge the gap between technical and business specialists.

Teaching in LabDo you enjoy finding better ways to get things done using computers? Are you interested in understanding how computers can make businesses work better? Then Computer Information Systems is for you. After a core of fundamental courses in computer information systems with essential emphasis on business systems development, practice, and applications, you can choose between two tracks:

  • System Development
  • Systems Management

The program prepares graduates for careers in information systems design and development for typical businesses and commercial computing sectors or for management and utilization of information systems and technology.

Student at KeyboardYou have interest in a field not listed above but you would like to acquire computer skills? Consider a minor in Computer Science or in Computer Information Systems. If you register for a minor, you don't need to take two upper-level CCC courses -- and some courses within your major may count for your minor as well. Thus, in some cases, you may need to take as few as 4-5 more courses to complete a minor.

The text above is adapted from the Association for Computing Machinery - the world's largest educational and scientific computing society.

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