Smart City and IoT Research Group

Smart City and IoT Research Group

We are pleased to announce a new research group named "Smart City and IoT  (Internet of Things) Research Group" in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences in Fredonia. Dr. Junaid Zubairi is leading this group and its members include Dr. Shahin Ataee, Dr. Syed Haider and Dr. Sahar Idwan (The Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan). 

Our current research projects include

  1. Smart city reactive traffic management (Dr Junaid Zubairi)
  2. Urgent routing in smart cities using hierarchical graphs (Dr Sahar Idwan)
  3. Smart city proactive traffic management (Dr Ali Haider)
  4. Applications of machine learning in smart city traffic management (Dr Shahin Ataee)

The group meets every Wednesday at 12pm (1 hr) in the Conference Room (Houghton 222). All faculty and staff are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in collaborative research please contact us.

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