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Mission Statement

To provide members with the resources that will enable them to make a more informed choice of a major or career, and to provide contacts with business professionals regarding how members can best prepare for the job market, as well as leadership roles at State University of New York at Fredonia and in the community.

Photos from Recent Events & Activities

e-board Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Golf Tournament - Joe Swinging

Business Club Officers


Olivia Gates
My duties as President are to oversee the club, events and projects, arrange, plan and moderate board meetings and group meetings, to act as a liaison among the club, advisor, department, Snack Shack, and advisory council, to coordinate and help board members, and to delegate responsibilities. 

Majors: Public Accountancy & Finance 

Vice President

Matthew Hill
I am Matthew Hill and the Vice President of the Business Club. As Vice President it is my responsibility to be of service to the President, the other club officers, and to the members of the club. I assist others with their duties as the right-hand to the President. I will also lead the planning for the annual NYC trip in the Spring semester.

Majors:  Public Accountancy & Finance


Brooke Strawder
As Secretary I am in charge of keeping track of all members in the Business Club, along with what goes on during our meetings. I am responsible for marking down who attends meetings and events, so that we can pick the most involved students to attend the New York City trip this spring and be e-board members next year.

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Leadership Studies

Marketing and Social Media Director

As Marketing Director, it is my responsibility to keep the student body and public updated and aware of the Business Club's upcoming events, fundraisers, and promotions. During events I also have a responsibility to take of assigned duties particular to that event and help moderate these events. 

As Social Media Director, my duties involve managing the clubs social media accounts. I administer the club's group page and manage all posts and updates. All events are marketed using the Facebook event tool which is my responsibility to create and administer. I also take on the responsibility of bringing the club members and eboard together by using different social media tools and services other than Facebook, such as twitter. As Social Networking Chairman, it's important to create more efficient ways for members to feel connected while finding new and creative ways to promote events and activities.


Marketing / Recruitment

As the marketer / recruiter, it is my job to spread awareness about the Business Club and it's events around campus throughout the year.  Once that is accomplished, my duty is to attract as many people as I can to support our endeavors and to be familiar with the Business Club.  I also manage the Snack Shack once a week and make sure things are going smoothly.



Special Events Coordinator

The role of a special events coordinator is to help plan and implement the activities that the Business Club puts on.  You need to be able to collaborate with other students and work effectively in a team environment, as well as meet and speak with local businesses.



Shainee Islam
My job as Treasurer of the Business Club includes physical management and the oversight of all of the organization's finances.  This includes overseeing all of our accounts, collecting and distributing any of the clubs funds, and keeping financial statements of any events we coordinate.  The job also includes budgeting all of our finances to make sure that we have the funds we need to accomplish all of our goals and responsibilities as a club.

Majors: Finance & Computer Information Systems


Snack Shack Internship

CEO Intern is responsible for the overall management and operations of the

ShacSnack Shackk.  The CEO is responsible for developing, with the team, a plan to increase sales, ethically operate, leverage opportunities and interface with the Business Club officers.  The CEO facilitates weekly meetings and documents decisions and action items.  The CEO is responsible for maintaining the Shack Operations Manual and all agreements made on behalf of the Shack.  The CEO will take leadership when undertaking new initiatives such as Fred Cards, SA relationships, etc.

The Marketing Intern works with the other interns to promote the Snack Shack and increase awareness of it through brand management.  Activities include the development and distribution of sales flyers, sales promotions and special events.  The intern will also write up press releases, email blasts and outreach materials.  The Marketing intern will create both visual and written marketing material.

The Human Resources Intern is responsible for scheduling and managing employees throughout all shifts.  The HR intern is required to take action when scheduling conflicts occur within the Snack Shack.  The Human Resources intern is also in charge of the training student employees, developing incentive programs and the recruiting process for potential interns.

The Chief Finance Officer (Finance intern) is in charge of all finances. You will Snack Shackcompare revenue and expenses, help set prices for goods sold in the Snack Shack, and set a weekly goal for the semester. You will also work closely with other interns to maximize sales.

The Inventory/Facilities intern is in charge of all inventories in the Snack Shack. Inventory management includes tracking profit and returns per inventory item.  The inventory intern will also work with our strategic partners to coordinate inventory and distribution of their products.  The facilities aspect of the internship includes responsibility for overall look of the Snack Shack, proposals to maintain and upgrade the Snack Shack, and coordination of any work needed for the facilities.

Business Administration Office

  • E336 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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